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Where Do the Chiefs Sit in Latest NFL Power Rankings?

A week into free agency, the Chiefs remain among the top teams in the NFL

We're still a month away from the 2016 NFL Draft, but the folks over at have thought enough of the Kansas City Chiefs offseason plan thus far that they remain in the top 10 of their latest NFL power rankings.

Here's what Elliot Harrison of had to say about the Chiefs, who come in at No. 8 in their latest rankings:

"Not ready to have the **Chiefs* leapfrog the *Seahawks*just yet. As impressive as Kansas City's 11-game winning streak (including the playoffs) was last season, bear in mind that it coincided with the schedule becoming markedly easier. Love the moves the front office made in bringing back Eric Berry![](/team/roster/eric-berry/d1d2889d-9b55-4003-9677-19242d762855/ "Eric Berry") and long-time vets like Derrick Johnson![](/team/roster/derrick-johnson/361f2360-8ddb-4137-bd66-561e46714232/ "Derrick Johnson") and Tamba Hali![](/team/roster/tamba-hali/84489e56-3951-4a24-a013-68b4f98ddfaf/ "Tamba Hali").Draft and retain, man. That said, grabbing a guy like Mitchell Schwartz![](/team/roster/mitchell-schwartz/d2c59f7e-e249-4bfe-8255-22128a656804/ "Mitchell Schwartz") *to bolster the offensive line made sense."

To round out the rest of the AFC West, the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos come in at No. 6, the Oakland Raiders at No. 13 and the San Diego Chargers at No. 29.

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Jaye Howard![](/team/roster/jaye-howard/8d34341c-6137-4f3c-80b7-046ed0b266f0/ "Jaye Howard"): "We're building something special here"

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