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Why Chiefs Fans Should Care About the Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl kicks off this week in Mobile, Alabama

In a world of almost everything being automatic, from the help of smart phones in finding answers and solutions to practically anything by typing just a few words into a keyboard or phone, the process of building a championship football team couldn't be more different.

It's anything but simple.

It takes time, patience and the organizational design to take full advantage of every opportunity presented to help you achieve that goal.

It can be tough to delineate exactly what that means—the process of building a championship football team—but this week's Senior Bowl is one of the most important opportunities for NFL teams to begin that process as they move forward.


Whether it's evaluating the 110 top collegiate players competing in practices throughout the week and the game on Saturday or the hiring of unemployed coaches, who flock to Mobile, Alabama to network and hope to be hired with a team, this is one of the most important weeks of the year for NFL teams.

For teams to be successful, they not only need a great coaching staff that understands the philosophy the team is putting forward, but they also need great players all throughout the roster.

Much is always made of the first-round picks leading up to the NFL draft. They get the headlines, the publicity. But it's just as important, if not more important, for a team to find production and value with the picks that follow as well.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, both linebacker Justin Houston and running back Jamaal Charles, arguably two of the best players in the NFL at their respective positions, were selected in the third round of their respective drafts.

Last year, the Chiefs had 2,399 snaps played by rookies who were either undrafted free agents, or were drafted in the third round or later.

Some players to watch at the upcoming Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl offers an up-close look at 110 of the best collegiate players in the country who will be available in the upcoming draft. The evaluation process that goes on this week and how important that is for a team moving forward can't be understated.

This season, more than 500 Senior Bowl alums were on active 53-man rosters across the NFL, including 21 Pro Bowlers a year ago.

The Chiefs had 19 players on their roster in 2014 who had participated in the Senior Bowl in their respective years.

If fans want to follow the process of how a championship team is built and the origins of how that comes to fruition, then pay attention to the Senior Bowl this week.

For Chiefs fans, you're in luck because we'll have you covered on-site in Mobile all week long at Follow @ChiefsReporter and @pgsween for live updates from the Senior Bowl this week.

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