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Will Shields' Incredible Night Concluded with Family and Friends

After the enshrinement ceremony, Shields celebrated with family and friends

He showed class, humility and respect for those who helped him along the way during his Hall of Fame induction speech, and it's exactly what you would have expected from Will Shields.

Many of his former teammates, starting from all the way back to when he was a kid all the way up through the end of his NFL career, made their way to Canton, Ohio to honor and celebrate with him on Saturday night.

After the enshrinement ceremony, which included speeches from all eight of the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, concluded, Shields celebrated with friends and family well into the night.

On Saturday The Pro Football Hall of Fame added one more Chief. Will Shields is given his Canton bust and we celebrate after.

But before the party began, Kansas City Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt addressed those in attendance.

"One of the great things about being associated with the National Football League is the people you get to know," Hunt said. "Obviously, all of you know what he accomplished on the football field, and he went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame tonight because of those accomplishments. His durability, his availability, his consistency of excellence, the quality that he played the game with, but that's not what makes Will special.

"You guys know that he was a Walter Payton Man of the Year winner, and that really almost understates his contributions to the Chiefs and the city of Kansas City. You all know how modest he is; he's not going to be the one to tell you about the many great things that he does in the community. But I can tell you definitively that since 1993, when Will Shields came to Kansas City, that Kansas City is a better place to play and a better place to live because of Will Shields."

It was a special night for Shields and his family, not only because of his induction, but also because so many different areas of his life all converged into one small Ohio town.

"I get to see every piece of our life from when I was little all the way up until today," he said, "everyone who has been a part of my life in one room, in one building and in one place. It's very rare you can get a chance to be a part of that.

"I've got coaches from high school, college, I've even got the group here that drafted me. So it's a wide array of people. I love all you guys. Every game and every practice, we went to war with one another. You know this is all because of you.

"It makes this moment even more special."

One of his former teammates in attendance was quarterback Trent Green, who spent six years with Shields (2001-06) in Kansas City.

"It's an incredible night," Green said. "It's the ultimate club and Will deserves to be there. It was so cool to see him up there and he did a great job with his speech. He honored his family, he honored his teammates. It's what you expected from Will.

"The whole night, when you talk about the different members that went in, it was such a great class with some historical people going in."

Another teammate in attendance was former playmaker—the X-Factor, Dante Hall, who spent seven years with Shields (2001-07).

"It's really hard to put tonight into words," Hall said. "We knew it was going to happen, but for it to actually happen and now that it's here, you really don't have any words for that. All you can do is enjoy the moment, be proud, smile and come celebrate and support him."

During his speech at the enshrinement ceremony and even when he addressed the crowd at his party, Shields made it very clear where his foundation of support came from throughout those 14 Hall of Fame years in Kansas City.

It was his family—his wife, Senia, and his children Shavon, Solomon and Sanayika.

"You knew the reason why you do what you do," he said. "That's what makes this such a special night. I know the Pro Football Hall of Fame is all based off of what you've done on the field, but what I did off the field made what I did on the field easier.

"It made football something that was a part of life that we did to make life better."

Will Shields is finally where he belongs—alongside the best to ever play the game at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

On Thursday night Will Shields received his Gold Jacket at the Hall of Fame dinner. Will received this honor along with seven others. There were over 100 current HOF members in attendance.

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