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Yes, Dontari Poe Was the Most Efficient Offensive Player for Kansas City Sunday

Poe scored the second offensive touchdown of his career against the Raiders



Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, with his 86.36 completion percentage, set the single-game franchise record in the category Sunday during the 26-10 win against the Oakland Raiders.

Yet he wasn't the most efficient Chiefs player on offense.

No, that honor *actually *belonged to Dontari Poe, who came in for one play, one catch and one touchdown.

"I'm taking credit for that one, for all the chubby guys out there," head coach Andy Reid joked after the game. "I'm taking credit for that. That was a good one—we've been working on that one for a while."

On third-and-goal, Poe started in the backfield, but before the snap, motioned to Smith's right behind three Chiefs blockers—Zach Fulton, Demetrius Harris and Anthony Sherman—set to clear the way for the 346-pound defensive tackle.

Smith snapped the ball, turned to his right and threw it into the hands of Poe.



"The big man has got soft hands," Smith said after the game.

Poe caught the ball and battered his way into the end zone for the second offensive touchdown of his career, extending the Chiefs lead to 20-10 early in the third quarter.

"Just a simple motion and Alex threw the ball perfect," Poe said of the play call. "I just had to clap my hands together and just tug it in and run."

Initially, the scoring play looked to be a touchdown reception, but it was later ruled a rush since Smith actually threw behind him for, technically speaking, a lateral.

"I was a little bummed to see that I think they ruled it a lateral—I guess we'll have to see the tape on that one," Smith said. "I think that's another dimension and another wrinkle. I think guys have fun with it. He's obviously a good enough athlete to do a lot of different stuff down there for us, even when he's not touching the football – blocking, as athletic as he is. Just kind of keep the mix going—I know guys feed off that.

"Anytime you can get him in the end zone now and then, guys have a ton of fun with that."

Last season, during the Week 11 matchup against the San Diego Chargers, the Chiefs used Poe on a rushing play for the game's opening score.



After proving he could handle it in 2015, Poe had another play installed for him this year, and it worked to perfection.

"He's got phenomenal hands," Reid said. "I know that's tough so say about a nose guard, but he's got phenomenal hands. It was just a matter of looking it in, being patient, and then cut the beast loose."

Cheers to all the chubby guys out there.

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