Andy Reid: 'Chiefs are practiced, ready to play'

Coach Reid provides a team injury update for the matchup against San Diego

OPENING STATEMENT: "Okay, these are the injuries; Dwayne Bowe is out with a concussion. He went through practice on Tuesday, off on Wednesday, came back yesterday and didn't feel right. Rick (Burkholder) checked him out and we had our docs check him out and he has a concussion. He's in the program now. He'll go through the protocol and we'll see how he does, but for this game, he's out. Tamba (Hali) is listed as out for this game. He's got a swollen knee. He is making progress, so that's a good thing. Then, everybody else practiced today. We kept the same practice schedule that we have and everybody practiced and is getting themselves ready to play against a good Chargers football team. We'll load up the plane and head there tomorrow."

Q: The concussion came mid-week?

REID: "You remember the hit in the game and he felt okay. He got hit in the back of the neck. He got his neck bent forward. I'm just glad that we were on top of it, that's the main thing. I don't care about anything else, but getting him right. I just want to make sure he's okay."

Q: What about for next week with Dwayne Bowe?

REID: "Listen, I'm hoping he's right. Let's make sure he's right."

Q: How are you planning on using first team and second team and their snaps?

REID: "I'm going to play them. We're going to play. That's what we're going to do. We're coming to play. Everybody got themselves ready to work. I'll make that decision when we get there. Right now, everybody is practiced and ready to play."

Q: How important is it to get Jamaal Charles to 2,000 scrimmage yards? He's 20 shy right now.

REID: "I didn't know that. But, that's the thing—I don't get caught up in it; he's not caught up in it. So (as far as being) important, it's not that important, I guess."

Q: Is Junior Hemingway going to get more time and how comfortable are you with his playing?

REID: "He's been playing. He's been in there. We consider him a starter in that third receiver role. Both he and Dexter (McCluster) have been working in there, so nothing has changed for him."

Q: Do you expect Justin Houston to be on the field?

REID: "He'll be ready to go, yeah. That's how I am with all of the guys. I've got them all ready to roll and we'll get out there and we'll see how it all goes."

Q: How important is it for him to get a game in before the playoffs?

REID: "I think if he had a game or didn't have a game, he'd be okay."

Q: How important is it for the second-stringers to get in to get some playing time in case they need to play in the playoffs?

REID: "They've all played; I mean, everybody has played. I guess that's important. If you can get guys playing time, you get them playing time. They're all ready to go though. Second team, first team—they're all ready to play and we're going to let the chips fall where they may."

Q: What about the Pro Bowl and your players that could be in it?

REID: "You know, I've never been big on that to be honest with you. I'm happy for the guys when and if they make it. I'm proud of them for it. But we don't get caught up in all of the individual accolades. (We're) just getting ourselves ready to play."

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