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Andy Reid's Wednesday Presser Transcript

The team's head coach talks about facing the Cleveland Browns and more

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes
October 23, 2013

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, really there are no injuries to talk about. Everybody will practice today. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Cleveland Browns. We know what kind of football team they are. The players here know most of their players, having played against them last year. When I was in Philadelphia, we had the opportunity to play against them too. We know the quality of the players that they have. I think Rob (Chudzinski) has done a nice job as a head coach and he hired three coordinators that I think are tremendous and that I've competed against over the years. Then, they've got good football players, which our players see on tape and will prepare themselves right this week. We started off with the walk-through this morning, and we'll go through the process here of getting ready to play the Browns. Time's yours."

Q: How lucky are you that you don't have any injuries right now?

REID: "It's a good thing. This is a rough business and injuries do take place, I get it. We've been fortunate, that's really what it is. The guys are all back now playing with us. We had our share there and the guys that stepped in did a nice job. That helped. That's a tribute to John (Dorsey) and that's a tribute to the players and coaches. Then, Rick (Burkholder) for the job he does working with these guys and getting (them) back. He does a nice job with his crew."

Q: When you came, it was important to keep Rick Burkholder and Barry Rubin. Is this why?

REID: "Yeah, I think so. Some of it is chance, just injuries. Sometimes you get those things, it happens. Sometimes they come in waves. That's how it works. The training that Barry (Rubin) has put them through and then the care that Rick (Burkholder) and the docs and the rest of the trainers give the players is top notch."

Q: Are you ready for another quarterback change with Jason Campbell stepping in?

REID: "Listen, Jason, I think, is a good football player. I have had a chance to have teams compete against him, and he knows what he's doing. He was pretty good in college, and he is good in the pros. We'll prepare for their scheme, and I think that's the important part of it. I don't think they're going to change a ton of what they do. I mean, that's not what you do in these situations."

Q: You're 4-3 against him. What sticks out to you about Jason Campbell as a competitor?

REID: "Well, he's smart, and he's accurate. He's a big guy. If you have the chance to get to him, you better wrap him up. He's a big man."

Q: As opposed to last week, does it help that you've played him before?

REID: "Well, listen, there's tape on him. There's more tape than what we had last week. A little different system, but enough where you kind of blend the two is what you end up doing. I think number one, though, you have to prepare for the scheme, and then two, you go to who is running it there."

Q: Is it more helpful than last week?

REID: "Yeah, I think it is. I mean, we did have some tape on last week, but I'll tell you, the kid does a nice job. But the tape doesn't hurt, I know that."

Q: What about the weapons he has in the tight ends and the receivers?

REID: "Great tight end (Jordan Cameron). Their receivers are big, physical guys. You've got to make sure you take care of business, make sure you play your kind of football and that's what we need to do."
Q: What about Alex Smith and your success here after kind of being forced out of your last two places?

REID: "You know what; I don't think you ever go there, not when you're in the middle of this. You're so caught up in the day to day process that takes place. I don't want to speak for Alex (Smith), but I'll tell you from my standpoint, I don't go there. I try to do what we can do here to win and make sure we put the best product on the field on Sundays. That's kind of where all of the energy goes."

Q: When you have a team with not much recent success, do you have to prepare them for the spotlight?

REID: "Listen, and I've said this from day one, you don't get caught up in all of that.  That's fluff. The thing that you take care of is you make sure that you respect your opponent, you study your opponent and you get yourself right. You make sure you know the game plan. That's what you can control. All of this (media) stuff, you can't control. You can't control what you guys say or do or anybody else; you control what you can control. You have enough there that keeps you busy all the way up to the game."

Q: Have you picked up the tempo and pace as much as you've wanted to this season?

REID: "We've mixed it in. You saw what we did on Sunday with a couple of shots there that we used it, one of which was in the red zone there. It's part of the offense; we just pick and choose when we want to go with it."

Q: Do you feel like your better teams in Philadelphia had the ability to be focused on one game at a time like you said was important to do here?

REID: "I guess when it's all said and done, yeah. Teams that normally are successful focus in on the job at hand. Those three things that I mentioned, that you respect the people you're playing. This is the National Football League, these are good football players. Every team has good players and good coaches. The margin between winning and losing (isn't) that big. You take and you respect them and study them and then you get yourself right. That's what most good teams do when they're able to."

Q: What sticks out to you about Jordan Cameron?

REID: "Size, speed and ability to adjust to the ball in the air. He's very talented, a very talented kid. It looks like he loves to play the game. He's one of those conversion players that had played basketball, heck of a basketball player, good athlete, for sure."

Q: What about Kendrick Lewis' role?

REID: "Kendrick Lewis is a stud. He's a tough kid and we do ask him and EB (Eric Berry) to do a lot. They work well together. He's been banged up a little bit and he's worked through it. When I tell you that, I mean he's worked through it and hasn't missed a beat."

Q: Expand on Kendrick Lewis and Eric Berry working well together.

REID: "There has got to be communication back there, they have to be your transmitters back there with everything spreading right and left. Kendrick (Lewis) does most of that, that's his responsibility and (he) does it well."

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