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Andy Reid: "We're Going to Stay Aggressive"

The Chiefs head coach describes the team's seventh win of 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Game 7
Postgame Quotes
Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, as far as the injuries go, Dexter (McCluster) is really the only one. He (got) hit, it ended up being his eye, he was hit in the head and his eye was bothering him, so they took him out and evaluated him. They had everybody evaluate him, so the concussion crew and everybody evaluated him; that's not what it ended up being. That's a good thing. Listen, every win is a great win in the National Football League. We'll enjoy every one of them that we have the opportunity to enjoy. I thought this was a good team victory. I thought our offense played well, in particularly the first half. Then, they did some nice things in the second half, controlling the football. I thought our defense kept swarming and got better as the game went on. They actually had a better second half than their first half. Then, special teams, I thought special teams did a nice job overall. Dexter had a couple of nice returns there and Quintin Demps had a couple of nice returns in the kickoff return game. All in all, a good, tough win against a very good football team. I know what their record is, we got all that, but we also know the quality of coaching that they have and also the quality of players that they have; this was a good one. Time's yours."

We've seen similar fourth quarters from this team. Was there a sense of inevitability at the end of this game?

"Well, I've got confidence in the guys. If you're asking, I've got confidence in the guys. I would have liked to get that last third down and have it ended right there, but our guys rose up and I thought they played very well, down throughout that fourth quarter. There were just some big plays on both sides of the ball that were made and we've got to get in the end zone. We went for it on the fourth down for that reason; we worked so stinkin' hard to get there; I just wanted to pound the thing in and get it done and get a touchdown. We weren't able to do that, but we are going to stay aggressive. I made a deal with the players on that when I first got here, we're going to stay aggressive and at the same time, you have to do what you think is right there. I thought we could get that son of a gun in there."

Does the defense remind you of the Tennessee game, with the goal line stand?

"Listen, the guys did a nice job there. I wasn't thinking Tennessee right there, but I understand where you're coming from. The guys rose up at a very important time and I thought they did a nice job."

Was Alex Smith's touchdown the way you drew it up or did Jamaal Charles go the wrong way?

"Yeah, sort of. There was probably a little miscommunication there. It worked."

Usually when you are minus in the turnover ratio, you don't win. How did you compensate and win with a negative ratio?

"We accounted with some big plays; we accounted with good defense, a good return game, good field position, which is important. You can't turn the ball over. I questioned on the one where it looked like Dexter was tackled. But, that's how it goes. We still had the ball in our hands and you can't give it to them."

What was the difference between Case Keenum in the first half and second half?

"Well, just that. We were able to get a little more pressure on him and we took some big hits. I thought he did a nice job for a young guy coming in there and playing, I thought he did a heck of a job. (He was) very poised, he looked like he did when he played in Houston in there. He's a good player, but the bottom line is we were able to get pressure on him."

It seems like your defense is carrying you?

"Yeah, they're doing a nice job. Listen, you know just as well as I do in this league, you win with great defenses and that's how it was. You can't be successful like we are without having a great defense. Those guys take a lot of pride in their job; Bob Sutton is doing a phenomenal job. We have to do better on the offensive side. The defense is doing a nice job."

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