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Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Talks Patrick Mahomes, Rookies, and More From Thursday Night

Reid met with the media following the 17-10 loss to the Texans

Opening Statement: "As far as injuries go, we had three guys. Jimmy Murray hurt his left knee. Kerwynn Williams, they talked about his head and evaluated that, I think he's okay there. Ethan Cooper had a left shoulder injury and he ended up going back in. Too many mistakes in this game, but that is what the preseason is for. We will go back and work on those things and clean up some things. Small things matter and it's good for these guys to learn that. We will get back on the horse in two days and get work done."

Q: Patrick took a lot of hits tonight and did not get a lot. Is that a credit to their defense or is there a lot to work on with the offensive line?  

REID: "We were in long yardage situations and you have to keep yourself out of that. We had a breakdown on the one where he had two guys open, one down the middle and (Travis) Kelce in the corner in the same play. Those are the little things. If you are protected it's a touchdown. We have to make sure we do that. We involve our tight ends, we had a chip called and there was no chip made. You have to make sure you fix that. It was little things like that."

Q: How do you feel like Chad (Henne) and Matt (McGloin) played and what do you feel Patrick (Mahomes) can learn from them?

REID: "I thought Chad did a nice job. I think they can all learn from each other. No one had a perfect night tonight. Everyone can learn from each other."

Q: What have you seen out of Demarcus Robinson and the plays he's made? What does a day like this show you that he can do?

REID: "He did some good things. We have him playing all over. You saw him running around a couple of times trying to get lined up. He's been pretty good at doing that and getting where he needs to be. When he does, you see what he does. He did a nice job on a stop-and-go route and it was a nice throw by Chad (Henne)."

Q: What did you see out of Chase Litton tonight?

REID: "He and Matt (McGloin) have been splitting reps with that third group and I thought he did a nice job. He had some nice plays and I'm sure a couple he'd like to have back, but for the most part he moved the ball down the field and had a couple of nice throws. The last throw was a nice throw, we have to go up and make a play there."

Q: Armani Watts was listed fourth string on the unofficial depth chart but started tonight. How do you evaluate how he did?

REID: "We have the injury there, so we are trying guys to see who fits into that. He is a young guy that needs reps, so I figured we would put him in and give him as many reps as we possibly could. I thought he had some nice plays. Again, I am sure there are some things he would like to have back, but I thought he did some nice things there."

Q: A couple of the young linebackers have gotten a lot of reps at camp, what have you seen from some of those guys over the last couple of weeks?

REID: "I thought Ben (Niemann) had some nice plays down the stretch. Raymond Davison had a nice deflection in the end-zone. We have to keep going. A little bit too much in the run game. We have to secure that up a little bit there."

Q: On the sack on Patrick Mahomes, it looked like he stepped up and was ready to let it go, was that a good decision from what you could tell?

REID: "What we are doing there is we have two tight ends, one is supposed to chip and release and we didn't get the chip, so the guy came off and was fast and we goofed. We goofed up the protection. He had Sammy (Watkins) down the middle on a post route and had (Travis) Kelce wide open on a corner route. He saw it, he was trying to get to it and couldn't get there, but that's testing it. You put it out there and let those guys get it, but you have to protect. It doesn't matter if you are on your back."