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Chiefs Coach Andy Reid: "We are going to bounce back"

Here's everything we learned from Andy Reid's conference call on Monday 

OPENING STATEMENT:"I don't have any injuries for you. Guys are coming in here a little bit later. As far as the game goes, we've got to do, obviously, a better job in a lot of areas there. Both sides of the ball. Execution, penalties, those things become important and we've got to take care of those. We'll make sure we do that. We've got to learn, again, from the mistakes we made and make sure the coaches are putting the players in the right position to do that and we'll make sure we get that taken care of also. I think we came out fairly healthy of the game. There were some good things in the mix there. I went back, had a chance to look at the tape on it, and I thought our young corner did a decent job at times there and there will be some things he can learn. But he was in position to make plays. Now we've just got to hone that up a little bit. That I thought was a positive coming out and something where we can continue to get better with more experience. It will be good, potentially, to get (Kendall Fuller) back in the mix there at the nickel spot and corner. But particularly during those nickel situations there. With that, time's yours."

Q:When you say young corner, you're referring to Charvarius Ward?

REID:"Yeah, I thought he did some good things for his first time starting. Now listen, he played the whole game where we were hoping it would just be in nickel situations, but he had a chance to play the whole game and he actually was in position to make plays. He's just got to keep working on some things there."

Q:Did the plan change in how he was used because Charvarius Ward said he knew all week he was going to be in the lineup, but not sure if that would be nickel or corner?

REID:"Depending on if (Kendall) Fuller was healthy or not healthy. He's the backup corner to Fuller, so with Fuller being hurt and not being able to go, which was really we took it all the way down to game time on that, then he had to play. He was in there, he practiced all week at that spot."

Q:It's hard to play defensive back now in the NFL. What can the league do to make it possible for guys to go out and play the position and not get penalties called?

REID:"It is league-wide. I've had a chance to kind of go back and look at some things there. Contact is an issue down the field and they're sticking to it and calling it where in years past they haven't been as strict with that. They've maintained that throughout the year, so you've got to work within that. It's contact. Contact past that five-yard mark, they're hanging with it. Now listen, the problem that comes in is that everybody is a little different in how they go about it and what they'll let you get away with and what they won't. Bottom line is you can't have contact downfield. You've got to work with that."

Q: Do you feel the team's attitude is okay right now after the loss last night and do you have any concerns about that heading into the Oakland game?

REID:"No, last time I checked we are in a pretty good position here. I know it can become a woe-is-me thing and this is how it happens, that can be a negative. I feel like throughout the team though, the guys understand where they're at and what they need to do to fix it. The objective is to win games. We have one game left here in the regular season and it's important we take care of business. It's a very small margin between winning and losing in the National Football League. Very, very small. The pace can change quickly. So it's important the attitude is right and Kansas City has had a lot of ups and downs. Are players and coaches willing to make a change? We have an opportunity to do that. It's important we are all on board with that and I felt like we were after the game."

Q: That message came from you obviously, but who do you guys have in the locker room – some of the veterans or young guys – stepping up too with the message you delivered?

REID:"Well, players know this. They know. I have great leadership in there. They understand it."

Q:Patrick (Mahomes) started out one-of-seven passing. He has had some slow starts in the primetime games on the road with a tough environment. Is that something that young quarterbacks just have to adjust to and is there anything you can do to work with him on that?

REID:"I mean those things happen to all quarterbacks, doesn't matter young or old. Some of it, I could put him in a better position to make plays and give him better calls there. He'll take care of the rest of that. He knows. There's no want-to of not starting fast and all that. I think it's just the way it's laid there, but I can help him with some of those things, too."

Q: Do you think that Patrick Mahomes gets into these primetime situations and gets too hyped up?

REID: "I don't think that it is. Each throw is a little different. It's not like he is throwing them in the dirt or throwing them out of the stadium. That's not what he is doing. You take the first throw that he had yesterday, and that thing is two inches away from being a touchdown. If that kid (Seattle LB K.J. Wright) doesn't get a hand on it, Tyreek (Hill) is gone. It was a good decision by him to try and shape it around the guy and the guy made a good play. That wasn't anything with being too hyped or anything else. I can take you through the other ones kind of the same way. It is just the way they fell. And again, I can help him with some of those things, too."

Q: With the young corners, was there something specific you have seen that has showed you that they were ready to go?

REID: "Well, I would hope that you would have enough confidence in me that you know I wouldn't just throw them out there for the wolves. That's not what I was doing. I expected them to do some things there. (Tremon) Smith got thrown into it more because of the injury part. I thought maybe we would be able to spot him in there instead of having quite as many things, but when (Kendall) Fuller wasn't able to go then that put him in that position to play the extensive amount he did. I think it is great experience for him. And then (Charvarius) Ward, I think it is just a matter of playing a little bit. He was in pretty good position on most of the throws. He can learn from that. Just exactly how you go up and through a guy at the end of a route and get the ball out. And he had a couple good plays. I liked what I saw there with Ward, yeah."

Q: What do you expect from the Raiders and Jon Gruden attitude-wise in this upcoming game?

REID: "(Jon Gruden) will bring his best shot. He plays tonight, too. He will give Denver his best shot and I think he will give us his best shot. I'm not expecting anything less. I'm excited that we are able to play here at home in front of our crowd. I know they will be out there and cheering us on. We appreciate that part. I don't want people to forget that we are playing for the number one seed here. We aren't playing for the first pick in the Draft, that's not what we are doing. We are playing for the number one seed in the playoffs. We have had a couple rough weeks, but we are going to bounce back out of that and get ourselves right, so I won't be able to feel that."