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Chiefs Reward Executives and Employees with Super Bowl Rings

Chiefs’ executives and employees also received Super Bowl rings last week in addition to the players and coaches

A professional football team is comprised of 53 active players, a handful of coaches and several on-field staffers, but just like any business, there are so many more individuals behind the scenes that help the Kansas City Chiefs perform at a championship level.

It's for that reason that every full-time Chiefs' employee received their very own, custom Super Bowl ring last week in recognition of their invaluable efforts to the organization. That includes the folks selling tickets, facility management, the sponsorship team, digital content creators, the marketing team, community outreach, human resources and so many more staffers who help make Chiefs Kingdom what it is.

That recognition extended beyond just full-time staff, too. The Kansas City Ambassadors, year-round part-time employees, the Cheerleader squad and the Kansas City Police Department working group all received Super Bowl rings, as well. Additionally, game-day staff were given the ability to purchase a ring at a significant discount.

It truly takes a village to operate an NFL franchise, and following Kansas City's first championship in 50 years, the individuals who played a role in that success now have the ring to prove it.

That success begins with the Chiefs' executive team – the group responsible for every aspect of the business side of things – who were presented with their rings in a suite overlooking the field during the players' ceremony on Tuesday. These are the head coaches of the business staff, and their leadership plays a critical role in providing a championship-quality operation.

The rest of the business staff were then recognized on Wednesday as part of a "drive-through pick-up party," which provided employees with a commemorative football, various Red Friday merchandise and - of course - their very own, customized Super Bowl ring.

The socially-distanced event also permitted each employee to bring along their family and to pose for photos with their new hardware outside of Arrowhead Stadium.

Each ring features the words "Be Great" written on its side, which serves as a nod to the Chiefs' organizational motto in 2019. The players and coaches undoubtedly brought that phase to life last season on the field, but the folks behind the curtain absolutely embodied it as well.

The 2019-20 campaign was the best season in the history of this proud franchise, and thanks to the generosity of the Hunt Family and organizational leadership, those who played a part in it now each possess a truly one-of-a-kind souvenir.