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Five Things We Learned from Chiefs' Coach Andy Reid on Sunday

Here’s what you need to know from Andy Reid’s conference call with local media 

The Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Chicago Bears Saturday afternoon at Soldier Field by a score of 27-20.

As is normally the case after a road game, Chiefs' coach Andy Reid spoke with the local Kansas City media via a conference call on Sunday afternoon.

Here are five things that stood out from that call:

1.    Reid said Patrick Mahomes had a lot thrown at him by the Bears

The Chiefs' first-team offense was pretty sharp in the passing game on Saturday.

Mahomes finished the game 18 of 24 for 196 yards and a touchdown—marching the offense down the field for a touchdown on their first drive.

It was a goal of Mahomes to have the offense start fast, which they did, and the opening drive culminated with a 19-yard touchdown pass to running back Kareem Hunt. The score came on a third-and-6 play in which the Bears brought a blitz and forced Mahomes to make the correct read, which he did.

And despite the Bears resting most of their starters on both sides of the ball, that didn't stop them from throwing a lot of different looks at the Chiefs' young quarterback.

"One of the things (Bears' defensive coordinator) Vic [Fangio] did yesterday was that he threw a lot at us," Reid explained. "So, it was good work. We saw everything from zero blitz to single dogs to four-off-an-edge to fire zones, so the whole gamut was thrown at us.

"For a young quarterback, that experience is great. You want that. And I thought that (touchdown) was one of the plays he handled well."

Reid and company said all offseason that they intentionally threw a lot at Mahomes during offseason workouts and training camp practices to get him ready, adding that defensive coordinator Bob Sutton even tried out some of his new and creative blitzes on Mahomes during OTAs to see how he'd handle them.

It seems like that work is paying off.

2.    Don't expect many of the starters to play on Thursday

While Reid said he doesn't yet know the exact plan for playing time for the young guys on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers in the fourth and final preseason game, he did say, "You know what I normally do…I normally don't play a lot of guys in this game."

When asked specifically about tight end Demetrius Harris, who is suspended for the first game of the season, he said it could be one of those situations where a guy may play more than he normally would if he wasn't going to play in Week 1.

"There's always a special thing in there where you might have to play somebody," Reid said.

3.    They're splitting up practice this week

For most of the starters who aren't going to play on Thursday against the Packers, there will be time spent preparing for the Los Angeles Chargers, who they will face in Week 1.

"They'll have a chance to look at some of the Chargers' stuff—the guys who won't play in the game," Reid noted. "We will split practice up, where you work part-Chargers, part-Packers. We've got to make sure that we give the guys who are going to play in this game an opportunity to make sure they do OK, and you only have two days, really.

"This is a cram session here. We're trying to get a lot done in a short time."

The Chiefs have to trim their roster down to 53 players by Saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. CST, which means there are a lot of difficult decisions coming over the next week.

"We really want to get a good look at those young guys, and make sure we analyze them," Reid added. "Those guys (the third-teamers) didn't get a ton of work (against the Bears), so you want to come out of this and make sure that you don't miss somebody and just give them to another team."

Photos from the Chiefs at Bears preseason Week 3 game at Soldier Field.

4.    Reid talked about new Chiefs' cornerback Orlando Scandrick's debut

The Chiefs signed veteran cornerback Orlando Scandrick last Sunday, and after just a few practices, he was out there on the field with the first-team defense Saturday against the Bears.

"I thought he did a pretty good job overall," Reid explained. "He had the one play where he got double-moved, but I thought he practiced well (throughout the week) and I thought he played well other than that play."

Late in the first quarter on a first-and-10 play from the Chiefs' 29-yard line, Bears' receiver and former top-10 NFL Draft pick Kevin White ran a double-move from the 1 spot out of a bunch formation and Scandrick bit on the fake, which left White wide open for an easy touchdown.

"He's staying aggressive and he made some other plays that got the quarterback drawn off of it just by being aggressive on it," Reid, who didn't seem that worried about a play that many have been talking about, explained. "He made a nice tackle down the field on the opposite field, which was good. He'll be fine."

5.    Reid explained the playing time for Justin Houston and Dee Ford this preseason

On Saturday, both of the Chiefs' starting outside linebackers—Justin Houston and Dee Ford—played just 11 snaps a piece. That's been pretty common this preseason.

Through three games, which includes Saturday's game against the Bears, Houston has played just 23 total snaps, while Ford has played just 33.

This has given two young edge rushers behind them—second-year player Tanoh Kpassagnon and rookie Breeland Speaks—plenty of opportunities for snaps and experience.

"I know what the other two (Houston and Ford) can do, and they're in pretty good shape right now," Reid explained. "So, that's a plus. They're coming out of this thing healthy, which is important and has been an issue with both of them.

"We're in a good position right now and the young guys got a lot of reps, which is so valuable."

In three preseason games, Kpassagnon has played 90 snaps, while Speaks has played 100.