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Five Things We Learned From Head Coach Andy Reid on Monday

Reid met with the media on Monday afternoon

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid met with the media on Monday afternoon. Here are five things that stood out.

1. What are the types of things you notice as far as how a young team is coming together in the big picture?

REID: "You probably see it more on the defensive side, and then with Patrick (Mahomes). He is the youngest of the bunch on the offensive side. The defensive side didn't play together during camp enough - you had the injuries that took place. So much of defense is communication, then reaction. You have to be dancing that same dance together to make sure you know where you are going, what zones you are covering, what man you are covering and with all the crossing routes and everything else that goes on. I think their communication you can just see is getting better and better, and that will keep growing as we go. And Patrick, you are seeing [it]. He is working on parts of his game and getting better and knowing his receivers as he goes here. You see with Sammy (Watkins) during camp and the preseason games. Sammy wasn't getting the opportunity quite as much. So, they worked together and progressively they have gotten more on the same page there. [They] got to know each other more is really what it is - where he had a better idea of reps with Tyreek (Hill) or (Travis) Kelce."

2. After the game, Patrick was critical of himself, saying he had some over-throws and left some throws out there. What do you make of those comments and how much of that can be attributed to being really juiced up in his first home start?

REID: "He had a couple where he was over-striding his throws and the ball was moving about 100 miles per hour. That probably was a little bit of extra adrenaline. The main thing there is that he's real about it. He's real with you guys. He's real on the sideline. That allows for progress. If you are conning yourself into something you're not, that's an issue at that position. If you are willing to put it out there and say this is what I am, and I have to get better in certain areas, then you normally can do that. That's where he is at."

3. Having that kind of realness at his age, does that show his maturity and what makes him such a special player?

REID: "Time will tell on that. I will tell you up to this point, yes, I think it's an important quality that he has. I wouldn't expect that to change. That's the way he is with everybody. He is not going to hide anything. He is going to work hard to try to fix the things he needs to fix. Everything wasn't roses yesterday, but he powered through it and made some changes in his game and got it under control."

4. How much has the impact of Chris Conley's route-running ability shown in these first three games and are there things you're noticing Chris has done better now having the time to sit and watch from a different perspective last year during his injury?

REID: "I thought when Chris got hurt last year he was really coming on. I thought he had a full feel of the offense and was rolling. Now, he was playing one position at that time. He is playing all of the positions now. You guys know, he's very intelligent, a very hard worker and you pull for that kind of a guy. Then he's now having opportunities and he's taking full advantage of them. The quarterback has a ton of confidence in him, you know Chris is going to be where he's supposed to be. He's a big guy, he can run fast and jump high, so those things add into his game. We've asked him to play that inside position, and he's done it well."

5. What went into the decision to have all three or four receivers play in all the spots and move guys around?

REID: "I think all three can do it, probably four, you can add a couple more of those guys too. They can all handle it mentally and physical. D-Rob (Demarcus Robinson) is another year older so he has had to do everything. They get in, and DAT (De'Anthony Thomas) knows everything, he can play all the spots. That helps. It gives you flexibility within the offense."