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Here's a Look at the Chiefs' Current Allotment of Picks in the 2023 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft kicks off on April 27 in Kansas City

The 2023 NFL Draft is right around the corner, and as the offseason kicks into full swing, here's a look at the Kansas City Chiefs' current allotment of selections over the course of draft weekend.

Keep in mind, this number could grow when the league distributes compensatory picks in the coming weeks. Compensatory picks are allotted to teams that lost significant free agents the year prior and are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. It's quite possible that the Chiefs could be in line for multiple compensatory picks in 2023.

In the meantime, however, here's a look at the Chiefs' eight current selections in the 2023 NFL Draft. Additionally, because this year's compensatory selections – which will begin at the end of the third round – remain unknown, the specific picks that the Chiefs will possess in Rounds 4-7 are still to be determined.

[NOTE: Compensatory picks were awarded on March 9. The below list reflects those additions. The official draft order was published on March 10. This list also reflects that update].

Round 1: No. 31 overall

Round 2: No. 63 overall

Round 3: No. 95 overall

Round 4 (via Miami): No. 122 overall

Round 4: No. 134 overall

Round 5: No. 166 overall

Round 6 (via Miami): No. 178 overall

Round 6 (Compensatory Pick): No. 217 overall

Round 7: No. 249 overall

Round 7 (Compensatory Pick): No. 250 overall

The 2023 NFL Draft kicks off on April 27 in Kansas City and will continue over the course of three days.

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