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Inside the Stacks: Exploring Important Documents in Chiefs and AFL history

Looking back at the Chiefs’ first home: Municipal Stadium

Throughout the coming year, we will examine never-before-seen documents and correspondence from Lamar Hunt located in the team's archives including many from the founding and early days of the American Football League and the merger with the National Football League.

A Great Deal for Lamar Hunt's Team's New Home

"Municipal Stadium - Lease Agreement," Cabinet 16, Drawer C, April 5, 1963

A large part of the impetus for Lamar Hunt to move his franchise to Kansas City was the deal that he was able to negotiate with the city's mayor, H. Roe Bartle.

It was Bartle who had contacted him and wanted very much to have a professional football franchise for his city, so he was inclined to be very generous and what he offered as a stadium and offices very much attracted Hunt to move.

Bartle's agreement called for the newly moved Texans to pay $1.00 for an office, team facility and stadium with shares in concessions (including parking) receipts.

DE Jerry Mays shouts to his teamates at old Municipal Stadium in Kansas City 1969.

In addition, the city would provide 3,000 permanent east side seats and 11,000 removable bleachers on the north side. The removable bleachers would be left once the city's baseball season ended and eventually the Athletics moved on to Oakland, making this a more permanent configuration.

At the northeast corner of the stadium property was a two-story heated and air-conditioned building that would serve as a year-round ticket office. The press box was extended along the first base side of the stadium for the full length of the upper deck.

The rental deal was to continue until the total ticket sales for games exceeded $1,000,00 or more, at which point the franchise was to pay five percent and the city and club would share equally the concession income.

Sharing the stadium with owner Charley Finley's A's offered some complications, but visiting AFL teams were to use those locker rooms allocated to the visiting baseball clubs.

The initial practice field for the Chiefs was to be the Lincoln High School Stadium field adjoining Municipal.

Later: The glory years come to Kansas City