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What We Learned from Andy Reid on Monday Afternoon

The Chiefs wrapped up rookie minicamp on Monday 

OPENING STATEMENT:"It was a good camp. Guys worked hard. I think they picked some things up. They were able to retain some things. Normally with these camps you get some good quarterbacks and you get a snap up and then you can kind of function in these things, so we had that. Then we were able to get looks at the guys in the secondary because of that, guys that could throw and get it that far. All-in-all it was a good camp. We saw improvement, so that's a plus. Just with that we had the one injury here. Justin Martin hurt his right knee on the last play. They're going to go in an evaluate it. Other than that, we're pretty good. Time's yours."

Q: What did you see from Mecole Hardman? Did you get a feel for how ready he might be once you get it going?

REID: "Every day he got a little better. These are all new. These routes are new to him. He did a nice job in the red zone which normally is the toughest place to work, but he did extremely well there. He had a good finish."

Q: With him do you throw as much at him as you can or are you giving him more because he's picking this up?

REID: "The next go around is going to be after the second week of Phase II. They have to leave for a week. So, they come back and they're in that last week of Phase II and the rest of the guys are deep in it. So, he's got to do some catch up work and get caught up with some of the routes that we weren't putting in for this camp and take a look at those. You have to throw it at him. He's extremely smart so he should be able to handle it."

Q: Juan Thornhill had an interception on the first day. How is he adjusting?

REID: "Every day he got his hands on the ball. Every day. He almost had one here in the red zone. It looks like he's got a pretty good feel for things. He's got a little bit of a knack there. Good worker, smart, but again, you have to have that feel back there and he seems to have that."

Q: Your draft picks can come back after the one week?

REID: "After the one week they can come back."

Q: All six of them?

REID: "That's what I was told, yeah."

Q: Could you speak to the quality of the free agent wide receivers?

REID: "I like that group. There were a lot of different types of bodies, but I thought it was a good group. Again, you want that so you can give the secondary some work. I thought that was a pretty good group. I think overall this was probably the best overall group at all positions we had where you go out and really compete and make it real."

Q: How do you feel like John Lovett was transitioning from being a quarterback to being an H Back, hybrid tight end?

REID: "I thought he did a nice job. He's still got a banged up wrist so he can't do contact on the wrist, but it's healing and he has about another month or so to go with that. Extremely smart and we had to kind of tame him down a little bit. For a quarterback I said, 'you are a wild man. You have to calm down here just a little bit'. He did a good job."

Q: What were your first impressions when you got to see Darwin Thompson?

REID: "I liked him. Good speed, good quickness. That's what I thought. He's got good hand-eye coordination which helps."

Q: Aside from Hardman's red zone work, what other part of his skillset showed through?

REID: "We ran dagger routes, 20-yard routes coming in with speed. You have to have speed, but you also have to have a feel. The first one he ran was brutal, I mean brutal. Then he comes back and you could see in the second and third one every time he did it he got better. I would tell you that with most of his routes that he ran. That's what I'm looking for. Those things that they haven't had to run that all the sudden now they are given and to be able to work within whatever God's given them there. The speed and quickness."