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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability 

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and several players spoke with the media following practice 

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid:

Opening Statement: "I'll start with Reggie Ragland. Reggie we put on NFI. His knee puffed up when he flew here. It's that simple. He's had a great workout, he's in great shape. We're just going to let it calm down and take precautionary measures. He will be back out here and go. I don't think it's anything to get crazy about. Josh Crockett was sick today. (Ashton) Lampkin had knee surgery. Armani Watts has an ankle strain. The rest of the guys went out and did their thing. Guys did a nice job with testing this morning. It's a significant test. You get a good idea who's been conditioning with their time off here and who hasn't. I was happy. The big guys are usually where your issues come in and they cranked them. I appreciate the work they put in. We came out this afternoon and knocked the rust off a little bit. We'll get going a little bit more tomorrow. Tomorrow's practice is a non-padded practice, but again we will get a lot of work in as we go. "

Q: When are you all in pads?

REID: "I believe it's Saturday."

Q: When are you expecting (Reggie) Ragland back? Any idea?

REID: "I don't. We'll just see how it works here. It could be a day. It could be a week or two weeks. We will just see. When it calms down he will be back out there."

Q: What is it like to practice in front of fans?

REID: "It's great to get the guys out here. Our fans are phenomenal. This is a 10-10-10 practice and the place is loaded with fans. It's quite a deal. I love when the young guys get a chance to see that. You can tell them we have a great fan base and all of the sudden they get to see it."

Q: You've got Cam Erving at center, is Mitch (Morse) working his way back?

REID: "Yes. We're bringing him back slow. He's actually doing pretty good. He did good this morning. He is in these guys' back end and seeing how they do."

Q: How is Spencer (Ware) feeling?

REID: "He's feeling good. This is where he will get his work. We'll probably keep him out of the contact part of it and see how he's doing and ease him back in."

Q: Are you going to position Kendall Fuller in slot coverage? It seemed like he was doing a lot of that today.

REID: "Yes, he did some of that today. We have a couple of different looks we can throw at you and he is one of them. He has been pretty good at that. That's what he had done the last year or so. He's comfortable in there and he plays corner for us too. Bob (Sutton) mixes guys up and moves people around and uses everyone."

Q: Do you have something each day you want to see from Patrick Mahomes throughout camp or is it the overall picture of being progressive?

REID: "We loaded him up today and are going to load him up again tonight, the whole offense and they will work their way through it and keep getting better every day. There are certain things, but right now it's just absorbing it and going to play."

Q: How eager are you for Saturday as far as Saturday in pads for evaluation purposes?

REID: "I want to get to tomorrow, that's kind of how I go about it. That time will come. Let's get a little foundation under us and then we'll jump into it and the guys will be fired up. They're always fired up that first day of pads. Then the next day they won't be so fired up."

Q: Obviously Bashaud Breeland was in here and he's gone on to do some more visits. How do you feel like your situation is at the cornerback spot as it stands now and how the visit went?

REID: "We feel pretty good about the corners we have here. The thing I would tell you is you can't have enough of those guys. Brett's (Veach) always keeping his eyes open. Nothing's been done. He's not here, but we're still talking and we'll see how things work out. He's got a bunch of visits set up and that's what he's doing."

Q: Mark Donovan said yesterday that you're the most excited he's seen you in a long time. Do you agree with that?

REID: "I'm excited every day. Every chance I have, every opportunity I have, every day I have a chance to coach in the National Football League I'm fired up. We've got a lot of new faces in new places and that part is exciting. The ability to teach, that's what we do. We've got quite a little bit of teaching to do as we go here and I kind of like that."

Q: Going back to Ragland, that knee puffing up, is that something new or is that something that during the offseason was bothering him?

REID: "No, it was pretty good in the offseason. He's been on a couple of long trips. He had to go to the Mexico thing and do that for our Mexico trip, and then he flew back and then he flew here. Those things happen. I don't think this is an alarming thing. I'm not worried about that."

Q: It looked like Patrick (Mahomes) and Sammy (Watkins) had a nice connection today. I just wonder what dimension you anticipate out of Sammy and do you think you have a little extra dimension to your group of receivers than you might have had?

REID: "I love Sammy's attitude and his work ethic. He's all business. He's a quiet guy but he's all business. I love the way he goes about it. True pro. Everybody had a chance to catch the ball today so that's what's nice about having the guys that we have. They all understand there's one ball and they all get it. Sammy went out and ran a couple beautiful routes where he didn't get the ball, but ran them like he was gonna get it, he didn't pull off at all. That's a great thing when you have that kind of talent. You saw (Travis) Kelce do the same thing and Tyreek (Hill) do the same thing. Even though they might know the ball is going in the opposite direction they're going to get that extra rep in on their route to make them even better route runners."

Q: You talked about bringing Mitch (Morse) along slowly but for Cam (Erving) is the center spot still sort of where you guys want to move him around?

REID: "I think Mitch will end up being back in there. We're just bringing him back slowly. Cam did a great job though. This offseason he got in there and did a very nice job at that position. He really has the flexibility to play anywhere along there so he can play guard and he can play tackle."

Q: Are you looking to settle Cam into a spot or keep him flexible?

REID: "The way we roll is we're going to find the five best guys. You're going to see them play all the different positions. All the guys, they mix and match. Andy (Heck) does that. When it's all said and done we'll have the five best guys there."


Q: What was it like out there today?

MAHOMES: "It was awesome. To get everybody back, we are all good friends. Just to be around those guys is always a good experience. Then having the fans out here. Just the passion you can already feel coming from the fans is something you can't even put into words. I am excited just to be out here grinding with those guys."

Q: How is your connection and chemistry developing with Sammy Watkins?

MAHOMES: "I think it is developing really well. He is a guy that will stay after it and get extra work. A guy that really wants to put the work in to be great. When you have guys like that all around our team it is easy to build chemistry and build that deep ball or short pass or whatever it is."

Q: Did you recognize him without the dreads?

MAHOMES: "I saw it on his Instagram, actually. I knew about it but I know when (Gehrig) Dieter saw him first I don't think he recognized him. It is a new cut but it is a new year and hopefully it is a good thing going forward."

Q: As a quarterback, what do you think of guys mentioning Super Bowl as the goal this year?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, that is the expectation. When you win back-to-back AFC West championships that is the next step. For me, when you say those words, you have to know every single day you come in you have to grind. You have to work for that every single day. It is a long process. Something that takes extra work, extra film study and I believe guys are doing that. We are going to carry that out throughout the season, hopefully win a lot of games and hopefully get to that point."

Q: Are there things you are working on at camp besides generic improvement?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, you just want to be efficient. I think I say it all the time. In the NFL, the most efficient quarterbacks are the ones that win the most games. For me, that is about going and throwing the ball in the right place. Taking the right read. If it is a check down, take the check down. If it is a deep pass, throw the deep pass. That's stuff I have to work on every single day. I am learning as I am going and I am trying to learn from my mistakes as well as learn from the success I have on plays."

Q: What stands out about what Travis Kelce gives to your offensive attack?

MAHOMES: "He is another quarterback on the field. He really knows this offense. He knows what he needs to do to get open and he knows what to do to get other people open. I think that is a very underrated aspect of his game is he knows how to move defenders in order to get other people open. Just having him out there is someone that will be in the right spot whenever I need him to be as well as helping others get open."

Q: What is your impressions of Chris Conley this offseason?

MAHOMES: "He is a super athlete, a freak athlete. I feel like not a lot of people talk about that. He is a guy that can make all of the big plays. Having him as well as the leadership he brings, he is one of the older guys in that receiver group. For me, him being the leader that he is, it is really helping me on the field as well as helping those receivers."

Q: What are some of the strategies you have to not get overwhelmed here?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, they are loading me up but I love it. You love learning, you love being tested as an athlete. So for me, I am just going to keep grinding and keep grinding every single day. If I make a mistake on the field I will fix it and be better the next time."

Q: When do you remember falling in love with football?

MAHOMES: "I think it was my first year of college when I really fell in love with the Xs and Os. In high school, it is very generic. At Texas Tech, it is a spread. They put a lot on the quarterback, but it is still not as much as you do now. You get here and the complexity of the offense is something that you really have to get after it and grind through. For me, every single day is a learning experience, every single day I have to push myself to get better and that is something I love to do."

Q: You are feeling good?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, I am feeling good. I am feeling really excited. Y'all saw it today, the speed on the field is ridiculous. For me just to get out there is awesome."

Q: How much different do you feel coming into this year having played that game in Denver last year?

MAHOMES: "It gives me a lot of positive energy, a lot of confidence going into it to know that you can have success against a really good defense. For me to know that and know what it took for me to have success on that game day, it is something I can build upon and keep getting better and better with it."

Q: Where did you see your efficiency progress from last year?

MAHOMES: "I think the biggest thing is taking what the defense gives you. I feel like with a lot of quarterbacks, you want to make the big play, you want to do those things but there is a time and place for those plays. Being able to take what a defense gives you and then being able to capitalize on those big plays is something that you have to do in this league to have success."

Q: When did you take notice of veterans like Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce?

MAHOMES: "I think the first time I recognized Sammy was playing NCAA 2013 or whatever, that was when he was at Clemson. So that is when I knew him and the great athlete that he was and the great receiver he was. And you heard about Kelce all throughout high school and then college. My dad had him on fantasy football one time. So just great players who are veterans in this league and even better guys."

Q: Does it help having that association with them help you know better what they are capable of?

MAHOMES: "Yeah and just building chemistry with them every single day. When you are around guys, especially in a place like St. Joe, you are with them all day long, you build a chemistry with them and know what they are thinking and that helps out a ton on the field."


Q: The consensus is that (Sammy Watkins), with (Tyreek) Hill out there is going to open things up for you across the middle. You agree with that?

KELCE: "I think we're going to open things up for each other. Pat's got quite an arsenal to throw to, and that's not just the wide receivers up front. You want to talk about Demarcus Robinson making a stride forward, Chris Conley coming back off an injury looking great. Then you've got the running backs, guys like Charcandrick West, obviously Kareem Hunt, and Spencer Ware coming off an injury. We got an offense that we're excited to do some work with.

Q: Did you learn anything about Patrick (Mahomes) last year, that week of the Denver game and then during the game itself?

KELCE: "That he enjoys playing this game. It's not just on the field but it's in practice. Every single day he brings it. That's what you love, it helps keep the energy up, makes this job fun, it's something that guys feed off of. It's cool to see the quarterback bring a lot of energy."

Q: With the departure of Alex (Smith), you're kind of one of the older statesmen, in 2013-14 came in like a firecracker. How has your personality and role changed in where you see yourself?

KELCE: "I've been fortunate to keep coming back to this place, I mean, this is year six for me so I must be doing something right. It's cool to hear and see some of the younger guys come to me with questions and hearing that my opinion does matter to them. There's that aspect, to try and help the guys that are younger get acclimated into the NFL, but then at the same time we haven't reached the goal that we've set for ourselves to get to the Super Bowl and win that thing. I'm not trying to stop bettering myself so that I give my team the best chance to win whenever I'm on the field."


Q: What is your sense of what's capable here?

WATKINS: "You've got so many special guys that put up big numbers last year and the years before I got here. It's really just about coming in and being myself and to add my game to this team – which was already one of the top offenses. You've got four or five guys that are already making Pro Bowls and having 1,000 yard (seasons), leading in their positions. For me, it's just about coming in and adding my fuel to the fire."

Q: What stands out about Patrick Mahomes versus other quarterbacks you've played with?

WATKINS: "He's a confident guy, he's got a big arm. I think you guys saw today when he overthrew me and I was running pretty fast. He's a special guy. We've just got to help him out and we've got to be on the same page."

Q: What's it like to go from Coach (Sean) McVay to Coach Reid – two offensive gurus?

WATKINS: "It's special. They like things a certain type of way and if you're doing it that way, you'll get the ball. For me, it's about coming out here and matching with the offense, doing what Pat likes on the field, running a route a certain type of way. Just getting in spots and staying in shape, being available."

Q: What do you think will make this year a little different than those of the past?

WATKINS: "First of all, I think we've got a great staff, a great organization, and a great team. I don't have to come here and be somebody I'm not. I've got great guys that make plays. I can feed off of those guys. I don't have to make every catch in every situation. I know that if I'm not getting the ball, other guys are and they're scoring touchdowns."


Q: Kendall, looking at the other side of the ball, can you describe specifically what you see in Travis Kelce and in Sammy Watkins?

FULLER: "The first thought that I had was speed. I think you got a good group of guys that do a lot of things different. Travis is one of those guys where he's always going to find a way to get open. Sammy's just such a crafty guy and I think he's one of those guys where he knows how to get open. He knows how to find the soft spot in zone and things like that. Guys that work hard and try and perfect their craft." 

Q: Guys have been open about the Super Bowl and that's the ultimate goal. You were obviously traded here so you to have get adjusted to everyone, but what is it like amongst you guys chatting about the possibilities of what this season could hold?

FULLER: "You don't come here and they talk 'we got to make the playoffs' or 'we got to make it to the Super Bowl.' The talk is always we have to get there and we have to win it. Anytime you walk into somewhere and they already have that culture, that mindset, you just want to do what you can to help them and I'm looking forward to it."

Q: What have you taken away from being around a guy like Eric Berry?

FULLER: "EB, he's all about football. I think that's one thing I notice the most. I remember when I first got here he asked me if I had a girlfriend, asked me if I had kids. I think the reason for doing that was let's see how focused he's going to be on football. So, when you get a guy like that you just want to learn from him. To win the Super Bowl, one thing my brother always preached to us was the season is only 16 weeks so those 16 weeks you have to focus and be all in. "

Q: Kendall, you're known around the league as a real good slot guy. Is there any part of you this year that maybe you could be a full time guy outside as well?

FULLER: "When I got to [Virginia] Tech, it wasn't about slot, outside, even safety. We had to learn how to be a DB. Once we get to the NFL then they start to talk about slot or outside. I think it's the same skill set, it's just a different area of the field. Truth be told I felt more comfortable at corner. That's what I came in as, a corner. So, I definitely think I can step out there."