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Arrowhead Stadium Reimagined | Renovation Concepts | Kansas City Chiefs -

For more than 50 years, Arrowhead Stadium has stood as an architectural masterpiece, serving as the epicenter of Chiefs Kingdom, the heartbeat of an entire fanbase. When it was built in 1972, the aesthetic footprint of mid-America was elevated with its construction. Its tradition of design and ingenuity have made it a cultural icon in the region and a destination for sports and entertainment fans worldwide.

It underwent a massive renovation in 2010 while many of its decades-old stadium counterparts were being deemed obsolete. The revitalization not only maintained the beautiful architectural styling of the original design, but also introduced new opportunities and avenues for the organization to offer programs that engage the community year-round.

As Jackson County voters are preparing to vote in the April 2 special election, the Chiefs are preparing to renovate Arrowhead Stadium into the future once again. This extensive renovation will ensure that the home of the four-time Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs – and the world-class fan experience the stadium offers – maintains its position for decades to come as one of the preeminent sports and entertainment destinations around the globe.

Starting with the grounds of the Truman Sports Complex, renovations will help elevate Kansas City's unique tailgating culture with improved parking and activation areas, while inside the stadium, there will be improvements across all three levels, offering an enhanced experience for every fan that walks into the stadium. The work ahead will propel the stadium into the future, while maintaining the history and mystique that is so special to so many.

Conceptual Images

Conceptual Details

View 8 (Pictury) - View from Central Activation Zone - Concert

New turf-covered Activation Zone with tailgate areas and covered entertainment space built over the current site of Kauffman Stadium for gameday activations and year-round community opportunities.

View 6 (Populous) - Endzone Concourse and Covering

A new Upper Concourse Connection Bridge will create 360-degree wrap-around connectivity for fans on the upper concourse as well as additional space for new food and beverage points of sale.

View 5 (Populous) - Sideline Canopy and Concessions

Upper Concourse Canopy will provide weather protection for all fans on the upper-level concourse, in addition to infrared heaters and overhead fans increasing year-round comfort.

View 10 (Populous) – Lot M Premium Entry Building

New VIP Stadium Entry Points will lead to all-new spaces inside the stadium and will also decrease fan traffic and congestion at existing general admission gates.

View 13 (Pictury) – Sideline Club

New Sideline Clubs will be constructed after excavating under the lower-level seating bowl to create new premium experiences for gamedays and special events.

Big Boards

New Video Boards will be increased in size while keeping their iconic shape to complement the stadium's unique curved endzones while new LED Ribbon Boards will also be installed.


Upgraded TV, Wi-Fi, DAS (distributed antenna system) and Audio System Technology will be introduced throughout the stadium, enhancing fan connectivity as well as the clarity and quality of the game presentation in-stadium.

View 17 (Pictury) – Endzone Suite

New End Zone Clubs and Suites will introduce new viewing and hospitality experiences that are now common in newer NFL venues.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 9.50.08 AM

New Concession Stands, Retail Spaces and Restrooms will result in improved access and reduced wait times around the building.

View 18 (Pictury) – New Tunnel

A New Field Access Tunnel will provide a new field access point for visiting teams, closer access to new visiting team areas, as well as faster event turnover for major concerts and other special events.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 9.44.23 AM

Full Suite and Club Lounge renovations and updates will deliver the latest in technology, fixtures and furniture for every existing suite.

View 5 (Populous) - Sideline Canopy and Concessions

Traditional Concession Stands will be converted to modern Grab-n-Go Markets throughout general concourses, resulting in an anticipated increase in speed of service by 30-40% and transaction times will decrease with new point-of-sale technology systems.

View 2 (Populous)- Pedestrian Bridge

Three new Pedestrian Bridges will eliminate interruptions to vehicular traffic flow, resulting in improved safety and event experience.

ride share

Dedicated Rideshare Zone promoting a more seamless rideshare experience for football games and concerts while reducing congestion.

Parking Keck

New Parking Deck on south side of the stadium and Expanded Parking on north side of the stadium at the current site of Kauffman Stadium increases the total number of paved parking spots, while Reoriented Parking Lots improve pedestrian flow and the tailgating experience.

ride share

Lot O RV Parking Lot will be expanded, paved and permanently lit, with permanent restroom facilities being added for the user experience.



We are in a Golden Era of sports in Kansas City. Voting YES on April 2nd will continue the partnership between Jackson County and the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals, keeping both teams in Jackson County for the next 50 years.