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Transcript From Chiefs Coach Andy Reid's Conference Call with Local Media Friday Afternoon

Opening Statement: "I don't have any injuries for you. The guys are not back here yet, but they're starting to trickle in."

Q: Andy, did you see anything on video about Armani Watts that maybe you didn't pick up live, last night?

REID: "Yeah, he did some good things. He's got to see it. He's a little bit hesitant on a couple things, but then he flew around on a couple things, so it was kind of an up and down, I thought, an up and down performance. There were some good things and then some things where he just needed to see it, so he can work on it. In college he had great anticipation on plays. I think that now, that's just a matter of him being able to see a few things to do it."

Q: You've got a month left of preseason practice, do you see him as a guy who can help you sooner rather than later?

REID: "Yeah, I think just him playing more is going to be a benefit, and then getting (Leon) McQuay back in there. We have some good young guys who we feel pretty comfortable about at that position, (Eric) Murray, and obviously EB (Eric Berry) didn't play last night, and (Leon) McQuay really was coming on before he got banged up there. We feel pretty good at that spot."

Q: You feel like (Leon) McQuay will be back to practice tomorrow?

REID: "We'll see. We'll see how it goes. He's starting to feel better."

Q: As far as replacing Dan Sorensen, he did so many things for you guys, do you sense that the guy or guys who are going to be replacing him are on the roster right now?

REID: "Yeah, there's a chance, yeah. Like I said, we feel pretty good about our young guys, we just got to see how it goes."

Q: How was Dan (Sorensen) injured?

REID: "Dan (Sorensen) was injured on kind of a freak special teams play. One of the guys fell on his leg."

Q: Three of your other young players from last night. What were your thoughts on Breeland Speaks, Tremon Smith and Tanoh Kpassagnon?

REID: "Yeah, so I thought Speaks, I'll just go right in order. I thought (Breeland) Speaks did some good things, powerful, set the point well, had a couple nice rushes. There will be some things he can learn off of some of his pass rushes about the depth and all that. He did, overall, I thought he was very physical and played a pretty solid game. (Tremon) Smith, I thought he did some good things, he was right in position to make plays, he'll work on his transition there, making sure, he was in great position to make plays. Again, he's another one, that he just needs to play. Coming from Central Arkansas, that's a different speed, but he has tremendous ability and really showed and was impressive in coverage stuff. And his return game, he was very solid in the return game. I mean, he almost popped one of them, he was very, very close on it. Then KP (Tanoh Kpassagnon), I thought, again, he was solid. He had good pressure. He was close, right there on a couple of plays at the quarterback on one third down, on a blitz, a play that we had and he was close on a couple of other ones. I thought he played physical at the point which is good. Both those guys are learning that position, but KP (Tanoh Kpassagnon) I thought showed signs of being better than what he was last year."

Q: In the offseason you talked about instilling toughness on defense, did you see the kind of toughness that you wanted on field last night?

REID: "Yeah, I thought the effort and the toughness was good. Again, we're short a few guys, not everybody has had an opportunity to play, but I thought it was good work for those young guys. We had a lot of good work for those young guys that I thought it was just good work for them and they can learn from this. I thought we were just off a tick, on just 'going.' Seeing it, and let's go. That's something they can come back and work on."

Q: You mentioned last night that there was at least one break down on blocking, after reviewing the film, how did you feel the blocking was, particularly with the ones in the first quarter?

REID: "I think we need to do a better job there. I wasn't real happy with that, so we've got to do better."

Q: Parker Ehinger played right tackle with the twos, is that a new position for him or did you just want to get some versatility with him?

REID: "He's been actually doing that during camp. He's been rolling between guard and tackle. We need that flexibility, we need to be able to find who's going to be that third tackle, and in particular if Cam (Erving) is going to be working at the guard. Let's just see who that third tackle is and we think we have some flexibility with him, Parker (Ehinger), and then also with Cam (Erving). Both of them kind of play that same position, or positions, the left guard and the tackle spot."

Q: Would a lot of those guys who sat out last night, other than Dan Sorensen, would they have played last night if this were a regular season game?

REID: "Yes. They probably would've, yeah."

Q: Coach, how do thins progress from here going up to St. Joseph and getting ready for the second preseason game?

REID: "So, we've got three good practices coming up here before we get ready for the second one. The guys, we'll get right back on it. We've got some good things we can coach here, fundamentally. We'll go back and do that. I think this tape will be good for those guys to take a look at and see, there's a lot of things we can go over and a lot of good things they can pick up on. But there's some fundamental things that we need to clean up."

Q: Coach, the situation late the game where you had a chance to tie in the preseason, is that a situation where you would've gone for two?

REID: "I would've gone for two, yes."

Q: When you went back and looked at Patrick Mahomes performance, what did you like and what do you think he needs to work on?

REID: "He had the one overthrow that he had to (Travis) Kelce on the corner route. Other than that, I thought his eyes were good, they were in the right place. He stepped up in the pocket when he needed to, made a couple nice throws, but there was probably one hiccup in there. The rest of it he had pressure. He moved around, or he completed the ball. First play of the game he got hit by two guys, he made a great throw to (Travis) Kelce, and so on. I thought for the number plays he had, he did okay. He can do better, we can all do better. "