The Chiefs are proud to offer the opportunity for talented musicians to perform in front of 77,000 fans. Throughout the season, the Rumble will energize Chiefs fans before, during, and after the game.

Rumble Roster 2017-2018

Snares: Matt Arnet, Alex Vallar, Andy Foerschler, Andy Jackson, Jill Endaya, Ian McClaflin, Jake Taylor, Tim Albright, Tim O’Connor, Devin Schmidt, Madi Elpers, Paul Schapker, Jeremy Denham, Kyle Nealon, Jamie Haffner, Alex Braud, Graham Deckard

Tenors: Caleb Fankhauser, Bryan Hutchinson, Travis Houston, Adam Edmonds, Eric Schmitt

Basses: Kolby Koczanowski, Matt Mirsch, Nick Chance, Daniel McDill, Jack Malo, Patrick Torello, Brandon Johnson

Cymbals: Kelsey McClaflin, Drew Yarnell, Dylan Moore, Caleb White, Brooks Youngmark, Keith Langabee