British Olympic Gold Medalist Sam Quek Loves Chiefs, De'Anthony Thomas

British Olympic Gold Medalist Sam Quek Loves Chiefs, De’Anthony Thomas



Sam Quek, a 2016 Olympic gold medalist in field hockey with Great Britain, recently shared that she loves the National Football League, and even further than that, the Kansas City Chiefs.

"This will be my third proper season of supporting an NFL team," she said in the above video. "I went to the Chiefs game in Wembley last year and I also was aware of [De'Anthony] Thomas, who was the number 13 jersey, which I wear for GB (Great Britain), and he scored the first touchdown. I was also aware of the stuff that he did with the Oregon Ducks. I've seen a few YouTube clips of some of his returns and I just thought, 'Oh he's insane—how fast he was.' So that was one thing.

"I'm also a huge fan of Travis Kelce and I think Alex Smith had an amazing season, and that was the start of their winning run last year, so I kind of followed it and Sky Sports coverage was predominantly the Chiefs games, and so I just kind of fell into it naturally."

Quek also said in the interview she is fond of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, and she is therefore very excited for Kansas City's Week 8 matchup this season.

"He's from a small town and I love the fact that he's so down to Earth," she said of Luck. "He's himself and he's not afraid of that. At the same time, he's a legend. Some of the players I've seen, I think it's just incredible. At the same time, it contradicts me supporting the Chiefs. I think I mentioned to you before that he's got two of his records for the rookie with the most passing yards against the Chiefs, but I can't wait to watch them on the 30th of October."

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