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Defensive Linemen Help Expand Chiefs' FLAG Football Program to Kansas City Public Schools

The Chiefs’ FLAG program has been growing all over the metro in recent months

The Kansas City Chiefs' FLAG football program has been expanding all over the metro in recent months – sponsoring curriculums in both the Olathe School District and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City – and this week, it grew yet again.

The Chiefs brought the program to Kansas City Public Schools on Tuesday, as members of the defensive line delivered jerseys and footballs to kids at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy. Lincoln Prep is one of 10 schools in the district to adopt the program this spring.

"We're trying to improve our high school programs, and by starting flag football in our middle schools, it's a way to get our kids involved early," said Dr. James E. Sanders, the KCPS Athletic Director. "We have programs in our middle and elementary schools now, and hopefully, these will feed to the high schools. In the future, you'll hear that KCPS is in the state championships."

Those programs received a boost this week with the Chiefs' official sponsorship - not to mention a bit of coaching from the professionals. After passing out the school's new gear, Kansas City native Xavier Williams, Derrick Nnadi and other members of the defensive line ran the kids through a variety of drills.

From Nnadi's instructions on how to properly line up in the trenches to Williams' best quarterback impression during a passing drill, it was hardly an ordinary afternoon practice.

"This was fun for me because it's really personal. I love working with the kids and [getting involved] back home in Kansas City," Williams said. "It just adds even more to the sense of pride that it makes me feel."

Chiefs Defensive Lineman visit the Lincoln middle school to teach football skills.

And who knows, there may have been a future NFL player or two strapping on a flag alongside the linemen.

"If they just keep going all out and giving it everything they have, we could easily see them on the field one of these days," Williams said.

"I saw a couple kids that could be defensive linemen," Nnadi added. "But for all of these kids here, the sky is the limit. If they put their heart into it, there's no telling what they can do."

To support the Chiefs' NFL FLAG program or to bring it to a new location, contact Gary Spani [].

Chiefs in the Community Defensive Line and Defensive Backs.

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