Kingdom Life: British Gold Medalist and Chiefs Fan Sam Quek Defends Chiefs to Osi Umenyiora

The two appeared on “The NFL Show” together on BBC Sport in London


If you don't know the name, "Sam Quek," perhaps you should.

Quek became a 2016 gold medalist in field hockey with Great Britain and probably is one of the most famous Chiefs fans internationally. Her first game in person was Kansas City's 45-10 win over the Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium last season.

"I sat amongst all the American fans and friends and family," she said. "I just loved how passionate they were. I love the game as it is, but to sit there, to do the famous Chop, I just loved it."

Quek recently appeared on "The NFL Show" on BBC Sport in London with former defensive end Osi Umenyiora to discuss her Chiefs fandom.

"I got my jersey and everything," she told Umenyiora and the rest of the panel. "Jamaal Charles on the back—a very exciting team to watch as well, aren't they Osi?"

That's when things took a turn for the worse.

"Uh, no," Umenyiora, who played primarily for the New York Giants during his 11-year career, said. "100 percent not exciting at all. But they're a good team, I'll give you that. It's not a bad team to root for. I mean you talk about how the fans are really excited. They have to be very excited because the team is just boring… They put a boring product out on the football field."

Quek fired back.

"At least we're not one-dimensional," she said. "The Giants are all about Odell Beckham, isn't it? If he's out, you're in trouble."

"I can't argue with you. You're right."


To watch the whole segment between Umenyiora and newfound hero Sam Quek, click here.

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