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Star Wars Fanatic Chris Conley Featured in SI's MMQB

Sports Illustrated interviewed Conley on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"


Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley, among many other things, is a widely known Star Wars fanatic.

Thus, the recent release of the series' newest installment, entitled "The Force Awakens," is something the rookie has anticipated for quite some time.

Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback recently flew to Kansas City to interview Conley about this reaction to the film, the role of his Star Wars background as he went through his draft process and even which "Star Wars" character he likens himself to.

Read an excerpt from the article here:

"Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley arrived at the Screenland Crossroads bar/arcade/theater on McGee St. wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with Darth Vader's mask and the word Georgia," writes Klemko. "The shirt was part of a line of college-themed Star Wars clothing released last year, around the time Conley debuted his Star Wars fan fiction film, Retribution, in which the former University of Georgia student stars as a fallen Jedi who has gone to the Dark Side." Read the full piece from Klemko here.

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