Videos - September 2020

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2020-09-01 Taco Charlton: "I'm doing my best to help this team going forward" | Press Conference 9/1
2020-09-01 Ricky Seals-Jones: "I love being here and working with Pat" | Press Conference 9/1
2020-09-01 Andy Reid: "I love it here" | Press Conference 9/1
2020-09-01 Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Championship Ring Reveal
2020-09-03 Tyrann Mathieu Mic'd Up during Chiefs Training Camp
2020-09-04 Andy Reid: "I think it is going to be a well played game" | Press Conference 9/4
2020-09-06 Brett Veach: "We are always looking to improve our roster" | Press Conference 9/6
2020-09-06 Travis Kelce: "I'm just excited to get in Arrowhead and play in front of somebody" | Press Conference 9/6
2020-09-06 Patrick Mahomes: "We are going to have these battles for a long time" | Press Conference 9/6
2020-09-06 Andy Reid: "You've got to stay true to what you do and be able to execute" | Press Conference 9/6
2020-09-07 Dave Toub: "I'm really happy and pleased with the guys we got" | Press Conference 9/7
2020-09-07 Eric Bieniemy: "The kid has mentally and physically prepared himself" | Press Conference 9/7
2020-09-07 Steve Spagnuolo: "We are going to have to figure it out quick" | Press Conference 9/7
2020-09-07 Tyrann Mathieu: "They are still a talented group" | Press Conference 9/7
2020-09-07 Chiefs vs. Texans | Six Stats to Know
2020-09-07 Frank Clark Mic'd Up during Chiefs Training Camp: "That's a sack!"
2020-09-07 Kingdom Short: The Crown Jewel | Presented by GEHA
2020-09-08 Red Friday Kickoff at Ronald McDonald House Charities
2020-09-08 Willie Gay Jr.: "I'm in a good position and can definitely play fast" | Press Conference 9/8
2020-09-08 Andy Reid: "I'm looking forward to our fans being in there" | Press Conference 9/8
2020-09-08 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: "I'm just doing what I've been doing my whole life" | Press Conference 9/8
2020-09-08 Chris Jones Mic'd Up during Chiefs Training Camp: "Can I have a double squeezie?"
2020-09-09 Virtual Play 60 Special Olympics Event
2020-09-09 Mark Donovan: "We take it as a responsibility to be active participants in our community" | Red Friday Press Conference
2020-09-09 Kingdom Short: Training Camp | Presented by GEHA
2020-09-10 Recap Red Friday Kickoff Edition
2020-09-11 Patrick Mahomes Launches First Pregame Long Ball of the Season
2020-09-11 Tyreek Hill Snags One-Handed Catch Over Crossbar Pregame
2020-09-11 Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans Players Come Together for Moment of Unity before Kickoff
2020-09-11 Alicia Keys Performs 'Love Looks Better' at 2020 NFL Kickoff Concert
2020-09-11 First Down Secured with a 2-yard Rush by Anthony Sherman
2020-09-11 Patrick Mahomes with a 6-yard Touchdown Pass to Travis Kelce
2020-09-11 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Shows Elusiveness on Slippery First-Down Pickup
2020-09-11 Deshaun Watson Takes Seat Next to Patrick Mahomes after Third-Down Sideline Rush
2020-09-11 Chris Jones Breaks Through Texans' Offensive Line to Tackle Deshaun Watson
2020-09-11 Sammy Watkins Scores Off a 2-yard Touchdown Pass from Patrick Mahomes
2020-09-11 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rushes for his First Career NFL Touchdown
2020-09-11 Travis Kelce Puts Defender in Spin Cycle, Uses Stiff-Arm to put Chiefs in Field Goal Range
2020-09-11 Patrick Mahomes Lobs Fadeaway Throw to Diving Tyreek Hill for Third-Down Pickup
2020-09-11 L'Jarius Sneed Grabs Interception from Deshaun Watson Forced by Tyrann Mathieu
2020-09-11 Tyreek Hill Catches Pass from Patrick Mahomes for a 3-yard Touchdown 
2020-09-11 Armani Watts Turns Onside Kick into Explosive Return
2020-09-11 Week 1 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Texans
2020-09-11 Another Up Close Look at Clyde Edwards-Helaire's First Touchdown in the NFL
2020-09-11 WATCH: Every Touch from Clyde Edwards-Helaire's NFL Debut
2020-09-11 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Best Throws of Week 1 
2020-09-11 Tyrann Mathieu: "I'm so impressed with that young man" | Week 1 Press Conference
2020-09-11 Patrick Mahomes: "We have the confidence in every single person that's in that huddle" | Week 1 Press Conference
2020-09-11 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: "I was on the field with my brothers and they made me feel at home" | Week 1 Press Conference
2020-09-11 Travis Kelce: "It felt like we were in sync just about the whole game" | Week 1 Press Conference
2020-09-11 Andy Reid: "Let's keep rolling" | Week 1 Press Conference
2020-09-11 L'Jarius Sneed One-on-One: "I trusted in my film study and technique" | Week 1 vs. Texans
2020-09-11 Clyde Edwards-Helaire One-on-One: "It felt like home on the field in Chiefs Kingdom" | Week 1 vs. Texans
2020-09-11 Chiefs Secure the Future | Pivotal Performance
2020-09-11 A Champion's Ring | Under the Helmet
2020-09-11 Clyde Edwards-Helaire's Rookie Debut | Bridgestone Clutch Performance
2020-09-12 A Season Preview | Kingdom Conversations Week 1
2020-09-12 Sights & Sounds of Week 1 | Chiefs vs. Texans
2020-09-13 A Season Preview | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 1
2020-09-14 Andy Reid: "It was good to get our young backs some carries and experience" | Press Conference 9/14
2020-09-15 Be-The-Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 1 | True View
2020-09-16 Andy Reid: "I look forward to the challenge of playing the Chargers" | Press Conference 9/16
2020-09-16 Patrick Mahomes: "They have a lot of great players that make plays" | Press Conference 9/16
2020-09-16 L'Jarius Sneed: "No matter where you come from, just believe in yourself" | Press Conference 9/16
2020-09-16 Sammy Watkins: "We all feed off of each other and create that energy" | Press Conference 9/16
2020-09-16 The Best Offense in the NFL Just Got Better | Inside Scoop from Week 1
2020-09-16 Travis Kelce Mic'd Up: "Together baby, let's go!" | Week 1 vs. Houston Texans
2020-09-17 Steve Spagnuolo: "He's a premier athlete" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Eric Bieniemy: "I thought we overall played a clean game" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Andy Heck: "We've got to be able to step up and handle those situations" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Deland McCullough: "We took it very personally that we didn't score" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Brendan Daly: "Its been a lot of fun to work with them" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Sam Madison: "He just fit that mold" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Frank Clark: "I'm really a DB in my spare time" | Press Conference 9/17
2020-09-17 Kingdom Short: Kickoff | Presented by GEHA
2020-09-18 Six Stats to Know for Week 2 | Chiefs vs. Chargers
2020-09-18 Clyde Edwards-Helaire's Rookie Debut | Pivotal Performance Week 1
2020-09-18 Mike Danna: "I wanted to give coach and my teammates everything I had" | Press Conference 9/18
2020-09-18 Andy Reid: "There's always work to do" | Press Conference 9/18
2020-09-18 Kelechi Osemele: "I'm very competitive. I hate to lose in anything" | Press Conference 9/18
2020-09-18 Chris Jones One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 1
2020-09-18 Mecole Hardman's 83-Yard Touchdown | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History
2020-09-19 The Los Angeles Chargers | Kingdom Conversations Week 2
2020-09-19 Game Preview for Week 2 | Chiefs vs. Chargers
2020-09-20 Prepare for the Los Angeles Chargers | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 2
2020-09-20 Rookie Willie Gay Jr. Breaks Through Line for Punt Block
2020-09-20 Travis Kelce Catches Wide Open Ball from Patrick Mahomes for a 10-Yard Touchdown
2020-09-20 Travis Kelce Picks Up a First Down Off a 20-Yard Pass from Patrick Mahomes
2020-09-20 Rookie Michael Danna Notches his First NFL Sack for MAJOR loss
2020-09-20 Harrison Butker DRILLS Career-Long 58-Yard Field Goal
2020-09-20 L'Jarius Sneed Intercepts Rookie Justin Herbert Deep in Chargers Territory
2020-09-20 Patrick Mahomes Unloads Touchdown BOMB to Tyreek Hill
2020-09-20 Mecole Hardman Sneaks in a Two Point Conversion to Tie the Game
2020-09-20 A Close-Up Look at Patrick Mahomes' Incredible 54-Yard Touchdown Throw to Tyreek Hill
2020-09-20 Patrick Mahomes Tucks and Runs for CLUTCH Third-and-20 Pickup
2020-09-20 Harrison Butker Boots Game-Tying Field Goal to Send the Game to Overtime as Time Expires
2020-09-20 Darwin Thompson Powers Forward to Convert Key Fourth Down
2020-09-20 ICE IN HIS VEINS: Harrison Butker Seals the Win with a 58-Yard Field Goal in Overtime
2020-09-21 Week 2 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Chargers
2020-09-21 Kansas City Chiefs Swarm Harrison Butker After he Drills Game-Winning Field Goal
2020-09-21 WATCH: Every Catch from Travis Kelce's 90-yard Week 2 Game
2020-09-21 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Biggest Plays in Week 2 vs. Los Angeles Chargers
2020-09-21 Andy Reid: "It was a tough team win" | Week 2 Press Conference
2020-09-21 Patrick Mahomes: "I have 100% confidence in Butker" | Week 2 Press Conference
2020-09-21 Harrison Butker: "I think I just got a little bit more angry every kick" | Week 2 Press Conference
2020-09-21 Tyreek Hill: "We will be better next week" | Week 2 Press Conference
2020-09-21 Harrison Butker One-on-One: "I'm just doing my part to help this team get a W" | Week 2 vs. Chargers
2020-09-21 Andy Reid: "I thought our guys stepped up when they needed to" | Press Conference 9/21
2020-09-21 How the Chiefs Overcame the Charger Pass Rush | Next Gen Stats
2020-09-21 Harrison Butker's Game-Winning Field Goal | Bridgestone Clutch Performance
2020-09-22 Sights & Sounds of Week 2 | Chiefs vs. Chargers
2020-09-22 Be-The-Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 2 | True View
2020-09-22 Patrick Mahomes' 21-yard Scramble | Inside Scoop from Week 2
2020-09-23 Tyrann Mathieu Mic'd Up: "Time to put it on the line" | Week 2 vs. Los Angeles Chargers
2020-09-24 Mitchell Schwartz: "They are all good players" | 9/24 Press Conference
2020-09-24 Patrick Mahomes: "There's a lot of young great quarterbacks in this league" | 9/24 Press Conference
2020-09-24 Chris Jones: "We look at it as a huge challenge" | 9/24 Press Conference
2020-09-24 Andy Reid: "These two are two of the best" | 9/24 Press Conference
2020-09-24 Harrison Butker, Money Money Money | Pivotal Performance Week 2
2020-09-24 Stats to Know for Week 3 | Chiefs vs. Ravens
2020-09-24 Kingdom Short: Road Trip | Presented by GEHA
2020-09-25 Tyreek Hill One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 2
2020-09-25 Game Preview for Week 3 | Chiefs vs. Ravens
2020-09-25 Eric Bieniemy: "They showed a lot of resiliency" | Press Conference 9/25
2020-09-25 Tyrann Mathieu: "We've got to adjust, we've got to adapt" | Press Conference 9/25
2020-09-25 Steve Spagnuolo: "He can throw the ball effectively" | Press Conference 9/25
2020-09-25 Dave Toub: "We are seeing two of the best kickers in the history of the game" | Press Conference 9/25
2020-09-26 The Baltimore Ravens | Kingdom Conversation Week 3
2020-09-26 Mike Pennel: "We have to meet them head-on" | 9/26 Press Conference
2020-09-26 Andy Reid: "He's a hard one to simulate" | Press Conference 9/26
2020-09-26 Travis Kelce: "We have to control the things we can control" | Press Conference 9/26
2020-09-27 Prepare for the Baltimore Ravens | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 3
2020-09-29 Tyreek Hill Prances Free On an End Around for 22 Yards
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes Fires Laser to Tyreek Hill for 32 Yards
2020-09-29 TOUCHDOWN: Patrick Mahomes Rushes for a 3-Yard Touchdown 
2020-09-29 Chris Jones Runs Down Lamar Jackson for Third-Down Strip-Sack
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes Escapes Ravens' Pressure for Third-Down Strike to Sammy Watkins
2020-09-29 TOUCHDOWN: Anthony Sherman Catches a 5-yard Shovel Pass for a Score
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes' Pump-Fake Helps Open a Seam for 29-Yard Dart to Travis Kelce
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes Uses Jumping Pump-Fake on Wild Cross-Body Throw
2020-09-29 TOUCHDOWN: Tyreek Hill Beats Marcus Peters for Eye-Popping Touchdown Pass from Patrick Mahomes
2020-09-29 TOUCHDOWN: Mecole Hardman Connects with 49-Yard BOMB from Patrick Mahomes to Score
2020-09-29 Ben Niemann Recovers Fumble Forced by Chris Jones' Spectacular Strip-Sack
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes Throws Incredible Loft Pass to Clyde Edwards-Helaire
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes is Third Player to Touch the Ball on Wacky Trick-Play Pass
2020-09-29 Tyreek Hill Snags an Over the Middle Jump-Pass from Patrick Mahomes
2020-09-29 Big Man TOUCHDOWN! Eric Fisher Gets First Career Score on Monday Night Football
2020-09-29 Frank Clark Brings Down Lamar Jackson on Massive Third-Down Sack
2020-09-29 Week 3 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Ravens
2020-09-29 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Most Incredible Plays from his Record-Breaking Night
2020-09-29 WATCH: Clyde Edwards-Helaire's Best Plays from his 134-Yard Game
2020-09-29 WATCH: Biggest Defensive Plays by the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football
2020-09-29 Sammy Watkins: "We honed in on the game plan and we played hard" | Week 3 Press Conference
2020-09-29 Frank Clark: "You got to play a patient game" | Week 3 Press Conference
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes: "I thought guys executed at a very high level" | Week 3 Press Conference
2020-09-29 Andy Reid: "There's nothing like Monday Night Football" | Week 3 Press Conference
2020-09-29 Eric Fisher One-on-One: "I blanked out a little bit and I just did what I did" | Week 3 vs. Ravens
2020-09-29 Be-The-Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 3 | True View
2020-09-29 United Way Voter Registration & Food Drive at Arrowhead Stadium
2020-09-29 Patrick Mahomes' Monday Night Magic | Bridgestone Clutch Performance
2020-09-29 Sights & Sounds of Week 3 | Chiefs vs. Ravens
2020-09-30 Juan Thornhill: "They are very fundamentally sound" | Press Conference 9/30
2020-09-30 Eric Fisher: "It was a memory I'll have for life" | Press Conference 9/30
2020-09-30 Patrick Mahomes: "I'm excited to be at Arrowhead" | Press Conference 9/30
2020-09-30 Andy Reid: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Patriots" | Press Conference 9/30
2020-09-30 Clutch Third Downs Lead to Statement Win vs. Ravens | Inside Scoop from Week 3