Videos - January 2017

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2017-01-01 De'Anthony Thomas returns kick for a pickup of 27-yards
2017-01-01 West shows his speed with a 28-yard gain
2017-01-01 Jeremy Maclin pulls in 23-yard reception
2017-01-01 Albert Wilson speeds ahead for a gain of 42 yards
2017-01-01 Alex Smith keeps football, runs for 5-yard TD
2017-01-01 Marcus Peters picks off Philip Rivers
2017-01-01 Charcandrick West pulls in a 4-yard TD pass
2017-01-01 Daniel Sorensen picks off Philip Rivers in end zone
2017-01-01 Chris Conley pulls in 14-yard reception
2017-01-01 Chris Conley pulls in 17-yard reception
2017-01-01 Tyreek Hill picks up 20 yards on an end-around
2017-01-01 Tyreek Hill hauls in 20-yard reception
2017-01-01 Chris Conley pulls in a pass for a 15-yard gain
2017-01-01 Charcandrick West scores off of 2-yard reception
2017-01-01 Tyreek Hill takes a punt return 95 yards for a TD
2017-01-01 Chris Jones stops Andre Williams behind the line
2017-01-01 Chiefs vs. Chargers: Game Highlights
2017-01-01 Week 17: Alex Smith highlights
2017-01-01 Week 17: Charcandrick West highlights
2017-01-01 The Chiefs Celebrate their AFC West Division Title
2017-01-01 Smith Earns Fantasy Performer of the Game
2017-01-01 Reid on Fan Support: "Everything was Red"
2017-01-01 Inside the Locker Room After Week 17 Win
2017-01-01 Chris Jones: "It's Exciting"
2017-01-01 Sorensen: "Just Trying to Make Plays"
2017-01-01 Chiefs vs. Chargers: Full Game Highlights
2017-01-01 Alex Smith: "You can let it sink in a little"
2017-01-01 Andy Reid: "Good win all the way around"
2017-01-02 It's Time
2017-01-03 Poe: "Experience in playoffs means a lot"
2017-01-03 Reid on time off: "It's important."
2017-01-03 Colquitt: "Dave Toub always available to us"
2017-01-03 Smith: "Everyone takes on accountability"
2017-01-03 Maclin: "We feel we're battle tested"
2017-01-04 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader LaKeyna
2017-01-04 State Farm Right Combination: Week 17
2017-01-04 10 Questions With Charcandrick West
2017-01-04 Focus Point: Week 18
2017-01-04 Playing at Arrowhead is Special for the Chiefs
2017-01-05 Daivd Culley: "We're Playing At Home, That's Big"
2017-01-06 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader Sarah
2017-01-09 Reid: "Guys are Excited to Get Back to Work"
2017-01-09 Donovan: "Our Fans Are Good at Being Loud"
2017-01-10 Wired: 2016 Season Mashup
2017-01-10 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader Madison
2017-01-11 Reid: "We Love This Challenge"
2017-01-11 Berry: "I Feel Like We're Very Prepared"
2017-01-11 On This Day in 1970, Hank Stram Wears Wire in SBIV
2017-01-11 On This Day In 1970, Chiefs Win SBIV
2017-01-12 Meet Sophie, the Play 60 Super Kid
2017-01-12 Santos and Colquitt Congratulate Local Super Kid Sophie
2017-01-12 GMFB: Alex Smith is an Underappreciated Storyline
2017-01-12 Focus Point: Divisional Weekend
2017-01-12 101 Award Winners Announced
2017-01-12 Alex Smith: "We've got a good sense of who we are"
2017-01-12 Nagy: "We Have To Match Their Physicality"
2017-01-12 Sutton: "Everybody Is Focused In"
2017-01-12 Maclin: "Trust is Key"
2017-01-12 Toub: "We Are Gonna Get After Them"
2017-01-12 Poe: "We Have to Stay in Our Gaps"
2017-01-13 Matt Nagy: "We Aren't Ready To Peak Yet"
2017-01-13 Get to Know Chiefs Cheerleader Molly
2017-01-13 10 Questions with Chris Jones
2017-01-13 Reid: "Everybody is a go for Sunday"
2017-01-13 The Rundown: Divisional Round
2017-01-13 Mark Donovan Addresses Kickoff Time Change
2017-01-15 Travis Kelce pulls in 21-yard reception
2017-01-15 Albert Wilson catches 5-yard TD with ease
2017-01-15 Travis Kelce gains 13-yards on quick pass down the middle
2017-01-15 Marcus Peters wrestles ball away from Antonio Brown's grasp in end zone
2017-01-15 Eric Berry denies Le'Veon Bell behind the line
2017-01-15 Eric Berry picks off Ben Roethlisberger in end zone
2017-01-15 Tyreek Hill picks up 8 yards on an end-around
2017-01-15 Jeremy Maclin makes impressive sideline catch for 20 yards
2017-01-15 Dee Ford and Jarvis Jenkins combine for sack
2017-01-15 Travis Kelce makes a 24-yard grab
2017-01-15 Travis Kelce pulls in a bullet pass for a gain of 17 yards
2017-01-15 Chris Conley picks up 12 yards on reception for 1st down
2017-01-15 Spencer Ware goes up the middle for a 1-yard TD
2017-01-15 Anthony Sherman picks up key 3-yard 1st down
2017-01-15 Divisional: Alex Smith highlights
2017-01-15 Divisional: Steelers vs. Chiefs highlights
2017-01-16 Chiefs Postgame Press Conferences
2017-01-16 AFC Divisional Game Recap
2017-01-16 Alex Smith: "We Battled All Day"
2017-01-16 Chiefs vs. Steelers: Full Game Highlights
2017-01-16 Inside the Locker Room: Week 19
2017-01-16 Andy Reid: "We Just Came Up Short"
2017-01-16 Ron Parker: "They Were Good on 1st and 2nd Down"
2017-01-16 Divisional Round Fantasy Player of the Game
2017-01-16 Dee Ford: "We Just Didn't Make Enough Plays"
2017-01-16 Spencer Ware: "We have to grow as a team"
2017-01-16 Chris Jones: "You have to seize the opportunity"
2017-01-16 Ron Parker: "We just came up a little short"
2017-01-16 Andy Reid: "Obviously a tough game to lose"
2017-01-18 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader Meggie
2017-01-19 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader Sara
2017-01-19 The Chiefs Best Moments of 2016
2017-01-23 Chiefs Top 10 Plays of 2016
2017-01-24 What is the importance of the Senior Bowl?
2017-01-24 Who's Standing Out at the Senior Bowl?
2017-01-24 Flashback: Best of 2016 Pro Bowl Wires
2017-01-25 Pro Bowl 2017: Alex Smith Wired
2017-01-26 Senior Bowl Day 2 Standout Players
2017-01-26 Matt Nagy: "Lewis Brings A Lot of Experience"
2017-01-26 Dave Toub: "Tyreek Hill is Special"
2017-01-26 Pro Bowl: Alex Smith Teams Up with T.Y. Hilton
2017-01-26 Tyreek Hill Honored to Make Pro Bowl as a Rookie
2017-01-27 Top Senior Bowl Practice Takeaways
2017-01-27 Pro Bowl 2017: DJ Alexander Wired
2017-01-27 Andy Reid Thinks Chiefs are not Far Off
2017-01-28 Who to Watch in the Reese's Senior Bowl
2017-01-28 Pro Bowl 2017: Travis Kelce Wired
2017-01-29 Andy Reid calls Alex Smith's Touchdown Live
2017-01-29 Alex Smith Throws a DIME to Delanie Walker
2017-01-29 Travis Kelce with the 23-yard Touchdown
2017-01-29 Kelce takes Fake Field Goal for First Down
2017-01-29 Travis Kelce Pro Bowl Highlights
2017-01-29 Chiefs Pro Bowl Highlights
2017-01-29 Tyreek Hill on Pro Bowl: It was an Amazing Feeling
2017-01-31 Tyreek Hill's Top 10 Plays of 2016
2017-01-31 Update From Radio Row at Super Bowl 51