Videos - October 2020

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2020-10-01 Dave Toub: "We just have to make sure that doesn't happen again" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Steve Spagnuolo: "Our guys have done a nice job" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Eric Bieniemy: "That play was named smoked sausage" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Greg Lewis: "Tyreek did a great job this offseason" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Brendan Daly: "He did a great job of taking advantage of the opportunities he had" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Sam Madison: "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Anthony Hitchens: "It's a very serious matter in our world today" | Press Conference 10/1
2020-10-01 Patrick Mahomes Goes Off on Monday Night | Pivotal Performance Week 3
2020-10-02 Six Stats to Know for Week 4 | Chiefs vs. Patriots
2020-10-02 Mecole Hardman One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 3
2020-10-02 Tyreek Hill Mic'd Up: "Throw Me Up Man!" | Week 3 vs. Baltimore Ravens
2020-10-02 Ultimate Team Win in Denver | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History
2020-10-02 Andy Reid: "We love our fans here and the support that they give us" | Press Conference 10/2
2020-10-02 Tanoh Kpassagnon: "We always play with that chip on our shoulder" | Press Conference 10/2
2020-10-02 Mecole Hardman: "I'm doing what I can do to help the team win" | Press Conference 10/2
2020-10-02 Game Preview for Week 4 | Chiefs vs. Patriots
2020-10-03 The New England Patriots | Kingdom Conversations Week 4
2020-10-04 Prepare for the New England Patriots | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 4
2020-10-05 Patrick Mahomes Rips 22-Yard Laser to Tyreek Hill on Third Down
2020-10-05 Tyreek Hill Reverses Field after One-Hand Grab on Patrick Mahomes' Cross-Body Throw
2020-10-05 Juan Thornhill Gets UP to Intercept Pass from New England Patriots
2020-10-06 Frank Clark with a CLUTCH Sack on Brian Hoyer before Halftime
2020-10-06 Daniel Sorenson Stonewalls James White for Key Stop
2020-10-06 Taco Charlton Leads the Charge on Key Red-Zone Strip-Sack for Chiefs
2020-10-06 Travis Kelce with a Spectacular Birthday Catch for a 45-Yard Gain 
2020-10-06 TOUCHDOWN: Tyreek Hill Uses Blockers to Perfection on Shovel-Pass Sweep to Score
2020-10-06 Patrick Mahomes Gestures Towards Chiefs Kingdom after 18-Yard Scramble
2020-10-06 TOUCHDOWN: Mecole Hardman Catches Pass from Patrick Mahomes for a 6-Yard Score
2020-10-06 TOUCHDOWN: Tyrann Mathieu Turns Julian Edelman's Drop into Pick-Six
2020-10-06 Rashad Fenton Cuts Off the Jarrett Stidham Pass for Third Interception of Game
2020-10-06 Chiefs' Defense Stops Patriots' Fourth-Down Screen Short of Marker to Seal Win
2020-10-06 Week 4 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Patriots
2020-10-06 WATCH: Best Defensive Plays from Week 4 Win vs. Patriots
2020-10-06 Taco Charlton One-on-One: "I try to get in there and make plays to help us win games" | Week 4 vs. Patriots
2020-10-06 Juan Thornhill One-on-One: "I was determined to make that play" | Week 4 vs. Patriots
2020-10-06 Coach Reid: "We made plays when we had to make plays" | Week 4 Press Conference
2020-10-06 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: "I've always been big on preparation" | Week 4 Press Conference
2020-10-06 Patrick Mahomes: "Whenever your number is called, you got to be able to make a play" | Week 4 Press Conference
2020-10-06 Tyrann Mathieu: "I feel like we can play so much better" | Week 4 Press Conference
2020-10-06 Frank Clark: "As a football player, you got to always be conscious and aware of change" | Week 4 Press Conference
2020-10-07 Be-The-Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 4 | True View
2020-10-07 Sights and Sounds from Week 4 | Chiefs vs. Patriots
2020-10-07 Juan Thornhill Grabs an Interception vs. Patriots | Bridgestone Clutch Performance
2020-10-07 Rashad Fenton: "It's great to have him back" | Press Conference 10/7
2020-10-07 Patrick Mahomes: "We have to accept the challenge every single week" | Press Conference 10/7
2020-10-07 Andy Reid: "Everyday is a new experience" | Press Conference 10/7
2020-10-07 Tyreek Hill: "Control the things that I can control" | Press Conference 10/7
2020-10-07 Chiefs Take The Ball Away Four Times in Win | Inside Scoop from Week 4
2020-10-07 Frank Clark Mic'd Up: "We Came, We Saw, We Conquered" | Week 4 vs. Patriots
2020-10-08 Dave Toub: "Every game he is getting better and better" | Press Conference 10/8
2020-10-08 Steve Spagnuolo: "We have a lot of confidence in him" | Press Conference 10/8
2020-10-08 Willie Gay Jr: "Every week just continue to get better" | Press Conference 10/8
2020-10-08 Eric Bieniemy: "Our guys are learning how to find ways to win" | Press Conference 10/8
2020-10-08 Six Stats to Know for Week 5 | Chiefs vs. Raiders
2020-10-09 Juan Thornhill's Big Game vs. Patriots | Pivotal Performance Week 4
2020-10-09 Harrison Butker's Game-Winner vs. Vikings in 2019 | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History
2020-10-09 Travis Kelce: "You are doing it for the guys league wide" | Press Conference 10/9
2020-10-09 Bashaud Breeland: "It was a time for me to really work on myself" | Press Conference 10/9
2020-10-09 Andy Reid: "Its an AFC battle with a lot of tradition behind it" | Press Conference 10/9
2020-10-09 Clyde Edwards-Helaire One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 4
2020-10-10 The Las Vegas Raiders | Kingdom Conversations Week 5
2020-10-11 Prepare for the Las Vegas Raiders | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 5
2020-10-11 Game Preview for Week 5 | Chiefs vs. Raiders
2020-10-11 Patrick Mahomes Finds Tyreek Hill Down the Sideline for 26 Yards
2020-10-11 TOUCHDOWN: Patrick Mahomes Rushes for a 3-Yard Score Against the Las Vegas Raiders
2020-10-11 Travis Kelce Catches for a Hefty 32-Yard Gain
2020-10-11 Bashaud Breeland Gets UP to Intercept Derek Carr Pass
2020-10-11 TOUCHDOWN: Tyreek Hill Rushes for a Speedy 10-Yard Score
2020-10-11 Tyreek Hill with a Spectacular Over-the-Shoulder Catch to Pick Up 37 Yards
2020-10-11 TOUCHDOWN: Sammy Watkins Brings in an 8-Yard Pass from Patrick Mahomes to Score
2020-10-11 Patrick Mahomes gets Creative on Cross-Body DIME to Travis Kelce
2020-10-11 TOUCHDOWN: Travis Kelce Scores on a Wide Open 7-Yard Pass from Patrick Mahomes
2020-10-11 Darrel Williams Snags a Pass from Patrick Mahomes for a Two Point Conversion
2020-10-11 Mecole Hardman Catches for a Clutch 37-yard Gain
2020-10-11 Week 5 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Raiders
2020-10-11 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Best Plays from his 3 Touchdown Game
2020-10-11 WATCH: Every Travis Kelce Catch from his 108-yard Game
2020-10-11 WATCH: Tyreek Hill's Most Impressive Plays in Week 5
2020-10-11 Chris Jones: "We got to make corrections" | Week 5 Press Conference
2020-10-11 Mitchell Schwartz: "You can't have negative plays" | Week 5 Press Conference
2020-10-11 Patrick Mahomes: "We didn't execute at a high enough level" | Week 5 Press Conference
2020-10-11 Andy Reid: "We got to put something together offensively" | Week 5 Press Conference
2020-10-11 Tyrann Mathieu: "We'll learn from it, we got a lot of tough guys in our locker room" | Week 5 Press Conference
2020-10-11 Bashaud Breeland One-on-One: "It felt pretty good to be out there with my guys again" | Week 5 vs. Raiders
2020-10-11 Austin Reiter One-on-One: "It takes all 11 guys doing their job" | Week 5 vs. Raiders
2020-10-12 Andy Reid: "We'll get back at it, that's how we roll" | Press Conference 10/12
2020-10-13 Sights and Sounds from Week 5 | Chiefs vs. Raiders
2020-10-13 Tyreek Hill Showed Off His Dynamic Ability vs. Raiders | Inside Scoop from Week 5
2020-10-14 Mecole Hardman Mic'd Up: "Back to the drawing board" | Week 5 vs. Las Vegas Raiders
2020-10-15 Six Stats to Know for Week 6 | Chiefs vs. Bills
2020-10-15 Mike Remmers: "I think everything we did negatively is correctable" | Press Conference 10/15
2020-10-15 Mecole Hardman: "I think I'm ready for the challenge" | Press Conference 10/15
2020-10-15 Andy Reid: "He'll do nothing but get better" | Press Conference 10/15
2020-10-15 Patrick Mahomes: "It's always awesome to go against a great opponent" | Press Conference 10/15
2020-10-15 Bashaud Breeland's Return to the Field | Pivotal Performance Week 5
2020-10-16 Game Preview for Week 6 | Chiefs vs. Bills
2020-10-16 Tanoh Kpassagnon One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 5
2020-10-16 Dave Toub: "I'm really excited about his talent" | Press Conference 10/16
2020-10-16 Steve Spagnuolo: "We are not going to panic" | Press Conference 10/16
2020-10-16 Frank Clark: "We have a lot of season left" | Press Conference 10/16
2020-10-16 Eric Bieniemy: "We have time to clean up the mistakes" | Press Conference 10/16
2020-10-17 The Buffalo Bills | Kingdom Conversations Week 6
2020-10-17 Andy Reid: "He's working his tail off" | Press Conference 10/17
2020-10-17 Derrick Nnadi: "I try to lock everything down" | Press Conference 10/17
2020-10-17 Tommy Townsend: "I'm always looking for something to improve on" | Press Conference 10/17
2020-10-18 Prepare for the Buffalo Bills | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 6
2020-10-18 Kingdom Short: Handling Change | Presented by GEHA
2020-10-19 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Shoots Out of a Cannon on Career-Long 31-Yard Rush
2020-10-19 TOUCHDOWN: Travis Kelce Uses Double Move on Tremaine Edmunds
2020-10-19 Darrel Williams Takes Screen Pass for 15 Yards
2020-10-19 TOUCHDOWN: Patrick Mahomes Hits Travis Kelce for the Toe-Tapping Touchdown Grab
2020-10-19 Bashaud Breeland Ambushes Devin Singletary in Backfield for 6-Yard Loss
2020-10-19 Back-Pedaling Patrick Mahomes Slings Sideline Dart to Demarcus Robinson for 15 Yards
2020-10-19 Patrick Mahomes Runs in a Circle on Creative Third-Down Scramble
2020-10-19 TOUCHDOWN: Darrel Williams Plows Off Left Guard for 13-Yard Score on Fourth Down
2020-10-19 Chiefs' Defense Stonewalls Zack Moss in Backfield for Third-and-1 Stop
2020-10-19 Travis Kelce with a Spectacular Catch for a 20-Yard Gain
2020-10-19 Patrick Mahomes Connects with Byron Pringle for a Clutch 37-Yard Gain
2020-10-20 Daniel Sorenson Seals the Monday Night Win with One-Handed Interception
2020-10-20 WATCH: Clyde Edwards-Helaire's Best Plays from his 161-Yard Game
2020-10-20 Week 6 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Bills
2020-10-20 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: "From here, we can only go up" | Week 6 Press Conference
2020-10-20 Damien Wilson: "No one panicked from last week" | Week 6 Press Conference
2020-10-20 Andy Reid: "The guys beared down" | Week 6 Press Conference 
2020-10-20 Patrick Mahomes: "We knew that we had the run game" | Week 6 Press Conference
2020-10-20 Clyde Edwards-Helaire One-on-One: "Everything that they did made my job that much easier" | Week 6 vs. Bills
2020-10-20 Be-The-Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 6 | True View
2020-10-20 Sights and Sounds from Week 6 | Chiefs vs. Bills
2020-10-21 Clyde Edwards-Helaire's Huge 161-Yard Game in Week 6 | Bridgestone Clutch Performance
2020-10-21 Andy Reid: "I look forward to the challenge of playing the Broncos" | Press Conference 10/21
2020-10-21 Patrick Mahomes: "For us, it's about patience" | Press Conference 10/21
2020-10-21 Daniel Kilgore: "Making sure we're sound in our assignments and our technique" | Press Conference 10/21
2020-10-21 Le'Veon Bell: "It was undeniable to come here" | Press Conference 10/21
2020-10-21 Patrick Mahomes Third Down Pass to Byron Pringle | Inside Scoop from Week 6
2020-10-22 Anthony Hitchens Mic'd Up: "Dirty Dan does it again!" | Week 6 vs. Bills
2020-10-22 Steve Spagnuolo: "The NFL is the ultimate proving ground" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Eric Bieniemy: "We want him to go out and be himself and just play" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Andy Heck: "These guys have done this stuff before so we don't skip a beat" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Greg Lewis: "The receivers are not me guys, they are team guys" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Sam Madison: "We are just going to take it game by game" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Deland McCullough: "He clearly still has some juice left in the tank" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Tyrann Mathieu: "I think it's all about the next game" | Press Conference 10/22
2020-10-22 Six Stats to Know for Week 7 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-10-23 Clyde Edwards-Helaire's 26-Carry Night in Buffalo | Pivotal Performance from Week 6
2020-10-23 Game Preview for Week 7 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-10-23 Demarcus Robinson: "We just go in and try to be ourselves" | Press Conference 10/23
2020-10-23 Andy Reid: "Their defense is pretty stout" | Press Conference 10/23
2020-10-23 Nick Allegretti: "I feel good about the way I've learned how to prepare" | Press Conference 10/23
2020-10-23 Demarcus Robinson One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 6
2020-10-24 The Denver Broncos | Kingdom Conversation Week 7
2020-10-25 Prepare for the Denver Broncos | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 7
2020-10-25 Mecole Hardman Holds onto a One-Handed Catch for a 19-Yard Gain
2020-10-25 TOUCHDOWN: Clyde Edwards-Helaire Powers Through Broncos Defense for an 11-Yard Score
2020-10-25 Le'Veon Bell's First Touch as a Kansas City Chief Goes for 16 Yards
2020-10-25 Tyrann Mathieu Recovers Fumble by Denver Broncos Melvin Gordon
2020-10-25 PICK-SIX: Daniel Sorensen with a Sneaky Interception Ran Back for a Score
2020-10-25 TOUCHDOWN: Byron Pringle Explodes for a 102-Yard Special Team Score
2020-10-25 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Breaks Free for a 27-Yard Rushing Gain
2020-10-25 Chris Jones Plants Drew Lock for Massive Sack before Halftime
2020-10-25 Frank Clark Recovers Errant Flea Flicker from the Denver Broncos
2020-10-25 Charvarius Ward and Bashaud Breeland Shut Down Broncos on Fourth-Down Stop
2020-10-25 Tyrann Mathieu Grabs Interception from Mishandled Drew Lock Pass
2020-10-25 Nick Keizer Snags Wild Cross-Body Strike from Patrick Mahomes for 22 Yards
2020-10-25 TOUCHDOWN: Tyreek Hill Dives into the Endzone for a 10-Yard Score
2020-10-25 TOUCHDOWN: Chad Henne Rushes for a 1-Yard Score to Seal the Chiefs Win
2020-10-25 Week 7 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-10-25 WATCH: Chiefs' Best Defensive Plays from a Dominant Week 7 Win
2020-10-26 Byron Pringle: "I just ran to the touchdown, I wasn't looking back" | Week 7 Press Conference
2020-10-26 Andy Reid: "When all three phases can contribute like that, that's tough to beat" | Week 7 Press Conference
2020-10-26 Tyrann Mathieu: "We've been taking steps in the right direction" | Week 7 Press Conference
2020-10-26 Patrick Mahomes: "It's nice to be able to go out there and win in several different ways" | Week 7 Press Conference
2020-10-26 Daniel Sorenson One-on-One: "Just happy that I could score and get our team going" | Week 7 vs. Broncos
2020-10-26 Andy Reid: "We're fortunate to have guys in there that are not selfish" | Press Conference 10/26
2020-10-26 Sights and Sounds from Week 7 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-10-27 Dan Sorensen's Pick Six & A Strong Defensive Stand | Bridgestone Clutch Performance
2020-10-27 All Three Phases Score in Ultimate Team Victory | Inside Scoop from Week 7
2020-10-28 Daniel Sorensen: "Those plays are just a reflection of the hard work that everyone puts in" | Press Conference 10/28
2020-10-28 Patrick Mahomes: "I try to look back on every experience and learn from it" | Press Conference 10/28
2020-10-28 Travis Kelce: " Whether you need a plumber or an electrician, man I'm here for ya" | Press Conference 10/28
2020-10-28 Andy Reid: "No better sports place than right here" | Press Conference 10/28
2020-10-29 Six Stats to Know for Week 8 | Chiefs vs. Jets
2020-10-29 Dirty Dan Sorensen's Pick Six | Pivotal Performance from Week 7
2020-10-29  Dave Toub: "We have total confidence in Harrison Butker" | Press Conference 10/29
2020-10-29 Steve Spagnuolo: "This is the most challenging kind of challenge" | Press Conference 10/29
2020-10-29 Eric Bieniemy: "It's important that they define their value everyday" | Press Conference 10/29
2020-10-29 Chris Jones: "I'm going to get me a touchdown with the offense, I promise you that." | Press Conference 10/29
2020-10-30 Tyrann Mathieu One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 7
2020-10-30 Dirty Dan's Dastardly Deed in Mexico | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History
2020-10-30 Andy Reid: "Our guys have had a good week of practice" | Press Conference 10/30
2020-10-30 Harrison Butker: "Everyday I'm trying to get better" | Press Conference 10/30
2020-10-30 Tyreek Hill: "We just have to be patient" | Press Conference 10/30
2020-10-31 The New York Jets | Kingdom Conversation Week 8
2020-10-31 Game Preview for Week 8 | Chiefs vs. Jets