Dontari Poe Practiced his "Namaste" This Offseason

Poe leans on yoga as an alternative offseason workout

Downward Facing Dog. Seated Forward Fold.  Revolved Triangle.

No, these aren't D-line play calls.

They're yoga poses, ones that helped 364-pound defensive linemen Dontari Poe rehabilitate this offseason.

Poe injured his back during Kansas City Chiefs minicamp last June, and to help him recover from herniated disk surgery, he turned to yoga to assist in nursing his disks in the offseason.

"As funny as that may sound, it worked," Poe said, "just constantly doing that, it just helps you know how to take care of yourself better. And even now, the stretching and the ab work is consistent."


Flexibility, muscle tone and strengthening are just a few of the many health benefits from the ancient Hindu discipline.

Calling it hard but beneficial work he does twice a week, Poe decided to dedicate his time to the rehab after being influenced of its health benefits by a colleague back where he trains in Phoenix, Arizona.

"When somebody says it'll help me feel better, that's all you pretty much had to tell me," Poe added. "I tried it out a couple of days and it helped release the pressure. After that, it's been nonstop."

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Poe isn't the only Chief practicing his "Namaste."

Cornerback Marcus Peters also praised the workout Wednesday, alluding to its calming and tranquil benefits on and off the field.

"It's relaxing," Peters said. "It helps you relax your brain. It helps you simmer down all of those things that you've got going on in offseason and helps you bring your body back to reality."

With yoga becoming more common, athletes are turning to it as an alternative method of healing. According to Sports Illustrated, yoga actually has become a required workout for rehabbing players for many sports teams.

"I'm in the room with 'yogees' and they're small," Poe added. "They're doing the stretches with no problem, and I'm pretty much trying to fake like it's no problem. But it's all fun."


After spending the first five weeks of the offseason holding off on workouts and focusing on yoga, Poe feels he's got it right with his new regimen.

And as far as Poe's favorite yoga pose?

"I wouldn't say none of them are my favorite, but I get them done," he laughed.

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