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Social Recap: Cairo Santos Returns Home to Brasilia

Follow Santos on his trip to his hometown in Brazil

With the Kansas City Chiefs in the midst of their summer break, kicker Cairo Santos spent some of the weeks leading up to training camp in his home country of Brazil.

Recognized as the first Brazilian-born athlete to play in the NFL, Santos was appointed the country's first league ambassador. Santos' task as ambassador is to help further develop and professionalize American football in the country.

Follow Santos on a tour through the country of Brazil, as he merges the love of futbol with football:

Santos' weeklong tour passed through Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

One of Santos' first stops was to his elementary school and Mackenzie College, where he studied in Brasilia. There, he shared his journey and experiences with local stude

"This morning I had the opportunity to return to the college Mackenzie, where I studied during my childhood, and share a little of my experience with the future champs."

Far from camera shy, Santos made visits to Mundo ESPN and BandSports TV. Maybe a future in television? Take a look at Santos in action:

In one of his first activities as an ambassador of the NFL in Brazil, Santos participated in his first "Cairo Camp 2016" at Estadio do Canindein in Sao Paulo, acquainting football to a futbol community.

On his next stop on the tour, Santos visited New Era stores in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo for in-store autograph signings with fans

Santos took to social media as he represented Kansas City at the SC Corinthians Paulista match in Sao Paulo.

On the last leg of his tour, the NFL met the UFC, as Santos met with fellow Brazilian UFC fighter Jose Aldo in Rio de Janeiro.

Santos took over the NFL's Snapchat account while "kicking it" in Rio de Janeiro.

The National Football League created an Instagram account for Brazilian fans, NFLBrasil, to help increase and unify fans. Santos will serve as the ambassador of the NFL in Brazil.

Want to see more of Cairo Santos?

Twitter: @cairosantos19

Instagram: @csantos19

Snapchat: @csantos1

NFL Brazil Instagram:@NFLBrasil

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