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The Always Well-Dressed Travis Kelce Included in Sports Illustrated's "Fashionable 50"

The list recognizes the best-dressed athletes in all of sports

It's no secret that Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce can dress with the best of them.

The folks over at Sports Illustrated recognized that on Tuesday by including Kelce in the magazine's “Fashionable 50” list, which identified the best-dressed athletes in all of sports.

The All-Pro tight end credited a pair of cultural icons with inspiring his style.

"Deion 'Prime Time' Sanders and Ric Flair. Both had the fun personality to go with infamous style, which attracted me at a young age. 'You look good, you play good' (Sanders) and 'stylin' and profilin' (Flair) really resonate with me when I think of why I dress the way I do."

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What makes Kelce's wardrobe all the more impressive is that it can't be easy finding clothes to fit his six-foot-five, 260-pound frame. He touched on that when explaining his favorite designers.

"Mike Amiri and Virgil Abloh of Off-White. I really appreciate the American designers and the bar that they have set for the future of fashion. Amiri has made jeans that are slim fitting but stretchy and comfortable, unlike the past. Plus, they make a 38" waist so I can actually fit in them, whereas most top designers stop at a 36". Off-White and Virgil Abloh have put together something special and it seems like every piece they put out is something you haven't seen before. Similar to Mike Amiri, Off-White accommodates for the big fellas, too, and has made a stamp in being oversized but still looking great and not awkward."

And when it comes to Kelce's favorite item of clothing, he went with a pair of classic footwear.

"Nike Air MAG 'Marty McFly' from the movie Back to the Future. I'm a huge sneaker collector, and when I got drafted in the NFL, the 'self-lacing' shoes were my first purchase! Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies as a kid and they raised funds for a great cause, The Michael J Fox Foundation."

Kelce has certainly backed up his colorful style with his play on the field, hauling in a career-high eight touchdowns in 2017 while tallying a second-straight 1,000-yard season.

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