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WR Albert Wilson Watches "Chiefs Dancin' Granny," Sends Message Back to Her

Leva Sharon’s video went viral in Kansas City this past week

Donna Leeson says she has been filming her 76-year-old mother, Leva Sharon, and posting the videos to Facebook for the past two years.

But never has she received as much attention as she did earlier this December, when she posted a video of Leva watching Albert Wilson's game-winning touchdown against the San Diego Chargers.

As Donna explains, Sundays have become a tradition in the Sharon household, one that her mother takes very seriously.

"She gets up in the mornings and makes sure that all of her Chiefs flags are out," Donna said. "She'll get her Chiefs outfit on. Then at 12 o' clock, nobody better change the station. My brother will try to go back and forth with the station and if the kickoff is two minutes away, she'll tell him — 'Put it back on. I'm not missing anything.'"  

Once the game begins, it becomes Leva's sole focus, and she isn't afraid to let the entire neighborhood know how she feels about what is taking place on her television screen.

Leva's husband Clarence, well aware the living room is about to get loud, heads outdoors for peace and quiet. But that doesn't prevent him from knowing what's happening in the game.

"He can always tell when they score a touchdown because the house is rocking," Donna said.

According to Donna, Leva has been a fan for 20 years now, when she began watching the games. What drew her to watch more was the intensity of it all, and that intensity has carried over to her attitude about the team as a whole.

"It doesn't matter if they win, it doesn't matter if they lose," Donna said. "Nobody better speak negative of the Chiefs because she will be at them. This is just a love that she has. I've never seen someone with such a love as that. She's been like that for 20 straight years now. I don't know how else to put it. She's just a gigantic Chiefs fan."

Recently, Wilson had an opportunity to see the touchdown celebration video and had a message for Leva:

When the Chiefs found out that Leva had never been to Arrowhead Stadium, they extended an invite to her for the team's final home game against the Oakland Raiders on January 3.

Donna believes that Leva, who is now getting noticed at shopping centers throughout Kansas City, will be pleasantly surprised.

"She'll be totally shocked because she's never had that happen. Nobody's ever offered or anything, so she'll be totally shocked. She'll be crying.

"My mom will literally cry because of the love she has for these guys."

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