Videos - April 2020

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2020-04-02 Andy Reid: "Our heart goes out to everyone who is suffering from this"
2020-04-04 Full NFL Game: Chiefs vs. Broncos on Monday Night Football | Week 7 of 1994 Season
2020-04-06 Chiefs 2019 Community Outreach Highlights
2020-04-06 One-on-One with Chiefs OL Mike Remmers
2020-04-09 Breaking Down Our Defensive Ends & Prospects To Watch | Chiefs Draft Talk
2020-04-11 Full NFL Game: Chiefs vs. Rams on Monday Night Football | Week 11 of 2018 Season
2020-04-12 Breaking Down Our Quarterbacks on the Roster | Chiefs Draft Talk
2020-04-13 Ricky Seals-Jones: "I’m excited to be a part of it and not against it"
2020-04-15 Breaking Down Our Running Backs & Prospects To Watch | Chiefs Draft Talk
2020-04-15 DeAndre Washington: "I'm a huge fan of Andy Reid" | Conference Call
2020-04-16 DeAndre Washington One-on-One with BJ Kissel | Chiefs Free Agency
2020-04-16 Brett Veach: "There’s a lot of good athletes, guys that can make a difference" | Pre-Draft Press Conference
2020-04-17 Breaking Down Our Cornerbacks & Prospects To Watch | Chiefs Draft Talk
2020-04-24 BJ Kissel and Matt McMullen Discuss AFC West Draft Picks | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Royals' Alex Gordon: "They've done pretty good over the last couple years with trades" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Clark Hunt: "It's a problem that we will welcome every year" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Will Shields: "It's really cool to watch this class evolve" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Mecole Hardman: "Just come in ready to work" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Travis Kelce Shows Off Swag During Draft-A-Thon
2020-04-24 Chiefs Select LSU Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire with the No. 32 Overall Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
2020-04-24 Immediate Reaction to No. 32 Pick Clyde Edwards-Helaire | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Clyde Edwards-Helaire's 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Workout
2020-04-24 Brett Veach: "We were playing the board right" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Clyde Edwards-Helaire LSU Highlights
2020-04-24 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: "I'm going into an offense that absolutely fits for me" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-24 Brett Veach: "Our scouting staff did a great job" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-24 "The Call" to Clyde Edwards-Helaire
2020-04-24 Lucas Niang Goes One-on-One with Brett Veach to Discuss Joining the Chiefs
2020-04-24 Clyde Edwards-Helaire One-on-One after Being Drafted 32nd Overall
2020-04-24 Deland McCullough Talks About Chiefs First-Round Pick Clyde Edwards-Helaire
2020-04-24 Royals' Whit Merrifield: "It's so important to make these young guys feel like they're equal to the team" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Derrick Johnson: "I remember this like it was yesterday" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Tyrann Mathieu: "Most kids that come through LSU, they're good kids" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-24 Anthony Hitchens: "We've got a lot of weapons" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-25 Chiefs select Mississippi State Linebacker Willie Gay Jr. with the No. 63 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
2020-04-25 Willie Gay Jr.'s 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Workout
2020-04-25 NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah says Chiefs will Notice Willie Gay Jr.'s Speed 'in a hurry'
2020-04-25 Willie Gay Jr: "I've grown from it and I'm ready to just play ball" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Coach Reid: "We did our homework on everything" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Willie Gay Jr. Mississippi State Highlights
2020-04-25 "The Call" to Willie Gay Jr. 
2020-04-25 Chiefs Select TCU Offensive Tackle Lucas Niang with the No. 96 Overall Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
2020-04-25 Brett Veach: "Continue to add to what is already a talented roster" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-25 Melissa Ethridge: "It's so great watching this Draft" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-25 Brett Veach: "We'll be in a good position this year to have a chance to repeat" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Lucas Niang: "I am never okay with second place" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Lucas Niang TCU Highlights
2020-04-25 "The Call" to Lucas Niang
2020-04-25 Andy Reid Talks with Chiefs Second-Round Pick Willie Gay Jr.
2020-04-25 Clark Hunt: "I'm excited that we've been able to add three really outstanding players to the Kansas City Chiefs" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Dante Hall: "I felt like the fan base and the organization deserved it so much" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-25 NFL Analyst Ari Wolfe: "It will go down as one of my all time favorite seasons working in the NFL" | Draft Watch Party
2020-04-25 Former Chiefs Derrick Johnson and Brandon Marshall Relive Their Draft Day Experience
2020-04-25 Chiefs select defensive back L'Jarius Sneed with No. 138 pick in 2020 NFL Draft
2020-04-25 L'Jarius Sneed's 2020 NFL Scouting Combine 40-yard Dash
2020-04-25 "The Call" to L'Jarius Sneed
2020-04-25 Chiefs Select Michigan Defensive End Mike Danna with the 177th Overall Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
2020-04-25 L'Jarius Sneed: "As soon as I get in, I'm going to go to work" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Area Scout Willie Davis: "This kid actually plays the game fast" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo are 'fired up to have' Linebacker Willie Gay Jr.
2020-04-25 Sam Madison Goes One-on-One to Discuss New Chiefs Defensive Back L'Jarius Sneed
2020-04-25 Area Scout Pat Sperduto: "It starts with his character and his work ethic" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 "The Call" to Mike Danna
2020-04-25 Andy Heck: "It'll be fun to compete against him" | Draft Press Conference 
2020-04-25 Mike Danna College Highlights
2020-04-25 L'Jarius Sneed Louisiana Tech Highlights
2020-04-25 Mike Danna: "You can't beat it, playing with Frank Clark and Tyrann Mathieu" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-25 L'Jarius Sneed Goes One-on-One to Discuss his Excitement in Joining the Kansas City Chiefs
2020-04-25 Mike Danna Goes One-on-One to Discuss his Eagerness to Get Started
2020-04-25 Chiefs Select Tulane Cornerback Bopete Keyes with Pick No. 237 in the 2020 NFL Draft
2020-04-25 BoPete Keyes Goes One-on-One Discussing his Readiness to Get Started with the Chiefs
2020-04-25 BoPete Keyes Tulane Highlights
2020-04-25 "The Call" to BoPete Keyes
2020-04-25 BoPete Keyes: "I'm just ready to get on board and ready to hit the field" | Draft Press Conference
2020-04-26 Brendan Daly Goes One-on-One to Talk about the Strengths of Mike Danna's Game
2020-04-26 Andy Heck and Brett Veach Discuss their Excitement to Bring Lucas Niang to Kansas City
2020-04-26 Matt House Discusses Willie Gay Jr.'s Versatility and Love for the Game 
2020-04-26 Eric Stonestreet: "I was right in front of my TV all weekend long watching the Draft" | Draft Watch Party 
2020-04-26 Brett Veach: "You guys knew I had to get one trade in there" | Draft Watch Party 
2020-04-27 Brett Veach: "Really excited about the future of the Chiefs" | Post Draft Press Conference
2020-04-27 Every 2020 Kansas City Chiefs Draft Pick
2020-04-28 Sam Madison Talks About Chiefs Seventh-Round Pick BoPete Keyes
2020-04-28 Thank You Dustin Colquitt