Videos - September 2017

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2017-09-01 Patrick Mahomes' Top Five Plays from the 2017 Preseason
2017-09-03 Justin Houston: "I Just Want to Play as Hard as I can"
2017-09-03 Tyreek Hill: "I'm always trying to make that big play"
2017-09-03 Eric Berry: "Nothing is downplayed"
2017-09-03 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: "We're ready"
2017-09-03 Andy Reid: "Should be a Heck of a Football Game"
2017-09-03 Derrick Johnson: "I Think I am Back"
2017-09-03 Alex Smith: "It's a Big Challenge For Us"
2017-09-04 Chris Jones: "Anytime we're on the field we're under the lights"
2017-09-04 Travis Kelce: "Our defense is top tier in the league"
2017-09-04 Matt Nagy: "We want to do everything we can to be prepared"
2017-09-04 Dave Toub: "The effort is off The charts"
2017-09-04 Bob Sutton: "It's a huge challenge"
2017-09-05 Sights set on Thursday Night: Andy Reid's thoughts on the Big Game
2017-09-05 The Last Four Years Helped Veach and Staff Find Right 53 in 2017
2017-09-06 4-Down Territory: New England
2017-09-06 GMFB: Chiefs vs. Patriots Game Preview
2017-09-07 Eric Berry Lowers the Boom in Backfield
2017-09-07 Chiefs' Defense Deny Patriots to Force Turnover on Downs
2017-09-07 Travis Kelce Runs for First Down on a Wildcat Trick Play
2017-09-07 Alex Smith Throws his First TD of the 2017 Season
2017-09-07 Tyreek Hill Makes his First Catch of the Season
2017-09-07 Alex Smith Finds Albert Wilson Over the Middle
2017-09-07 Travis Kelce Makes First Catch of the Season
2017-09-07 Tyreek Hill Burns Defender for 75-yard TD
2017-09-07 Tyreek Hill vs. Usain Bolt
2017-09-07 Chiefs Defense Makes Stop on Key 4th Down
2017-09-07 Terrance Mitchell Breaks Up Big Third-Down Pass
2017-09-07 Charcandrick West Runs for a 21-yard TD
2017-09-07 Chiefs vs. Patriots: Alex Smith Game Highlights
2017-09-07 Chiefs vs. Patriots: Full Game Highlights
2017-09-07 Allen Bailey Sacks Tom Brady
2017-09-07 Chiefs vs. Patriots: Tyreek Hill Game Highlights
2017-09-08 Mitch Holthus Speaks to Alex Smith After Huge Performance
2017-09-08 Inside the Locker Room After Win Over Patriots
2017-09-08 BJ Kissel and Mitch Holthus Speak to Justin Houston After Victory
2017-09-08 Postgame Reaction with BJ Kissel and Mitch Holthus
2017-09-08 Alex Smith: "You Got to be Ready Mentally"
2017-09-08 Andy Reid: "It's Something For us to Build on"
2017-09-08 Andy Reid One-on-One Postgame after Beating the Patriots
2017-09-08 Chiefs vs. Patriots: Locker Room Celebration
2017-09-08 Mitch Holthus Speaks to Alex Smith After Huge Performance
2017-09-08 freeD: Charcandrick West Rushes for 21-yard TD
2017-09-08 freeD: Demetrius Harris Brings Down a TD
2017-09-11 Andy Reid: "It's Important the We Have a Good Week of Practice"
2017-09-12 freeD: Tyreek Hill 75-yard TD catch from Alex Smith
2017-09-12 Chiefs Visit Ronald McDonald House
2017-09-13 Smith Ready for Challenge of Eagles Defense
2017-09-13 Andy Reid Previews Home Opener
2017-09-14 Playbook Preview: Eagles vs. Chiefs
2017-09-14 Red Friday Flag Reveal
2017-09-14 Derrick Johnson: "My Body is Adjusting Quickly"
2017-09-14 Dave Toub: "The Eagles are Excellent"
2017-09-14 Bob Sutton: "I Know Their Offense as Well as They Know Our Defense"
2017-09-14 Matt Nagy: "Coach has a Creative and Beautiful Mind"
2017-09-14 It's Just The Beginning: Matt Nagy Looks to Keep the Momentum Rolling
2017-09-14 Four-Down Territory: Philadelphia Eagles
2017-09-15 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader: Katrina
2017-09-15 Conley: "This Offense is One People Will Have to Look Out for Now
2017-09-15 Reid: "Arrowhead will be a Tremendous Atmosphere"
2017-09-17 Travis Kelce Goes Deep for 44 Yard Gain
2017-09-17 Tyreek Hill Makes Quick Turn for Yards After Catch
2017-09-17 Anthony Sherman Recovers Fumble on Punt Return
2017-09-17 Tyreek Hill Weaves Through Defense for First Down
2017-09-17 Daniel Sorensen Flys to Force an Incompletion
2017-09-17 Alex Smith Throws to Chris Conley for Big Gain
2017-09-17 Travis Kelce Leaps Over Defender for 5 yards
2017-09-17 Alex Smith Evades Pass Rush for First Down
2017-09-17 Travis Kelce Hurdles Defender for TD
2017-09-17 Chris Jones Intercepts Tipped Pass
2017-09-17 Chiefs Break up Hail Mary Attempt
2017-09-17 Chiefs vs. Eagles: Game Highlights
2017-09-17 Alex Smith: "No Two Games are Alike in This League"
2017-09-17 Andy Reid: "You're Going to Have Games Like This"
2017-09-17 Postgame Reaction with BJ Kissel and Mitch Holthus
2017-09-17 Andy Reid One-on-One Postgame Interview
2017-09-17 Chris Jones One-on-One After the Win Over the Eagles
2017-09-17 Chiefs vs. Eagles: Full Game Highlights
2017-09-17 Chiefs vs. Eagles: Postgame Locker Room Celebration
2017-09-17 Chiefs vs. Eagles: DraftKings Performer of the Game
2017-09-17 Inside the Locker Room After the Victory Over the Eagles
2017-09-17 Eric Murray One-on-One After the Win Over the Eagles
2017-09-18 Andy Reid: "The Parity in this League is Unbelievable"
2017-09-18 Chiefs vs. Eagles: Most Valuable Possession
2017-09-19 freeD: Dee Ford Sacks Carson Wentz
2017-09-19 freeD: Travis Kelce Leaps Over Everybody for the TD
2017-09-19 Touchdown Tuesday featuring Travis Kelce
2017-09-19 Get To Know Chiefs Cheerleader: Callie
2017-09-19 Get to Know Chiefs Cheerleader: LaKeyna
2017-09-19 Chiefs visit Cornerstones of Care
2017-09-20 Chiefs vs. Chargers Game Preview
2017-09-20 Alex Smith: "The Parity From Top to Bottom is so Crazy"
2017-09-20 Andy Reid: "We can do a lot better job than we did last week"
2017-09-20 Bob Sutton Digests Defensive Success Through First Two Weeks
2017-09-21 Dave Toub Impressed with Colquitt's Success
2017-09-21 Bob Sutton Breaks Down What Makes Rivers Hard to Beat
2017-09-21 Johnson: "We have to Win the Division Before We Do Anything"
2017-09-21 Four-Down Territory: Los Angeles Chargers
2017-09-22 Schwartz: "They Have the Best Duo of Pass Rushers"
2017-09-22 Doesn't Matter Where We Play, We're Going to Get the Job Done
2017-09-22 Andy Reid: "Rivers is a Great Competitor"
2017-09-24 Terrance Mitchell Intercepts Philip Rivers Pass
2017-09-24 Tyreek Hill Catches 30-yard Pass for TD
2017-09-24 Marcus Peters Intercepts Philip Rivers Pass
2017-09-24 Albert Wilson Catches 6-yard Pass for TD
2017-09-24 Terrance Mitchell Intercepts Philip Rivers for Second Time
2017-09-24 Justin Houston Sacks Philip Rivers
2017-09-24 Chiefs vs. Chargers: Game Highlights
2017-09-24 Andy Reid: "I Love Our Team"
2017-09-24 Alex Smith: "Top to Bottom, This Division is Tough"
2017-09-24 Andy Reid One-on-One Postgame after Beating the Chargers
2017-09-24 Inside the Locker Room After Win Over Chargers
2017-09-24 Mitch Holthus Speaks to Terrance Mitchell After Huge Performance
2017-09-24 Postgame Reaction with BJ Kissel and Mitch Holthus
2017-09-25 Chiefs vs. Chargers: Most Valuable Possession
2017-09-27 Arrowhead Art Collection Workshop
2017-09-28 Andy Reid: "Looking Forward to the Challenge of Playing the Redskins"
2017-09-28 Alex Smith: "This is a Big Test for Us"
2017-09-28 Harrison Butker: "I'm Excited About this Opportunity"
2017-09-28 Ron Parker Embracing Role as Anchor is Defensive Backfield
2017-09-28 Four-Down Territory: Washington Redskins
2017-09-29 Get to Know Chiefs Cheerleader: Elizabeth
2017-09-29 Get to Know Chiefs Cheerleader: Emma
2017-09-29 Eric Bieniemy has Running Backs Firing on all Cylinders
2017-09-29 Matt Nagy: "They are a very talented and balanced team"
2017-09-29 Bob Sutton: "Right Now, Cousins is Playing at a Really High Level"
2017-09-29 Dave Toub Happy the Chiefs were able to sign Butker
2017-09-30 Andy Reid: "Love bringing teams in here to give fans an experience"