Videos - December 2020

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2020-12-01 Ability Introduction
2020-12-01 Be The Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 12 | Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
2020-12-01 Moses Goes to A Concert by Gail Herman 
2020-12-01 My Brother Charlie by Denene Millner, Holly Robinson Peete, and Ryan Elizabeth Peete
2020-12-01 Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus
2020-12-01 How to Build a Hug: Temple Grandin and Her Amazing Squeeze Machine by Jacqueline Tourville
2020-12-01 We're All Wonders by R.J. Palacio
2020-12-01 Tyrann Mathieu's Pressure Helped Set Up Bashaud Breeland's Interception | Inside Scoop from Week 12
2020-12-01 Not So Different by Shane Burcaw
2020-12-01 Who Do You See When You Look at Me? by Angela Ray Rodgers
2020-12-01 My Cause My Cleats: Patrick Mahomes
2020-12-02 Sights and Sounds from Week 12 | Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
2020-12-02 Sammy Waktins: "He has grown as a young man" | Press Conference 12/2
2020-12-02 L'Jarius Sneed: "Most definitely, I'm getting better" | Press Conference 12/2
2020-12-02 Patrick Mahomes: "It helps us execute at a high level" | Press Conference 12/2
2020-12-02 Andy Reid: "We'll get ready for the challenge of playing the Broncos" | Press Conference 12/2
2020-12-03 Damien Wilson Mic'd Up: "Let me show y'all something" | Week 12 vs. Buccaneers
2020-12-03 Chiefs 2020 Playoff Tickets Set to Go On Sale
2020-12-03 Six Stats to Know for Week 13 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-12-03 Dave Toub: "It's just a matter of him getting in a groove" | Press Conference 12/3
2020-12-03 Steve Spagnuolo: "He's out there battling just like the rest of them" | Press Conference 12/3
2020-12-03 Juan Thornhill: "I feel like I'm in a very good place" | Press Conference 12/3
2020-12-03 Eric Bieniemy: "My focus and energy is on the Denver Broncos" | Press Conference 12/3
2020-12-04 Tyreek Hill Puts On a Clinic vs. Buccaneers | Pivotal Performance Week 12
2020-12-04 RED ON RED for Sunday Night Football | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-12-04 The Denver Broncos | Kingdom Conversation Week 13
2020-12-04 Mike Remmers: "It's been great having guys that have a lot of experience" | Press Conference 12/4
2020-12-04 Andy Reid: "He’s going to keep getting better" | Press Conference 12/4
2020-12-04 Frank Clark: "I want to be the best, that’s all I care about" | Press Conference 12/4
2020-12-04 Chiefs Complete Epic 24 Point Second Quarter Comeback | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History
2020-12-04 Travis Kelce Helps Old Spice Kick Off 10-Year Program to Raise Graduation Rates
2020-12-05 Patrick Mahomes November Player of the Month Highlights
2020-12-05 Game Preview for Week 13 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-12-06 Prepare for the Denver Broncos | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 13
2020-12-07 Tyrann Mathieu Intercepts Drew Lock Pass on First Drive of the Night
2020-12-07 Demarcus Robinson Jukes along Sideline for 20-Yard Pickup
2020-12-07 Travis Kelce Sets Tight End Record with 1,000 Receiving Yards in Only Five Seasons
2020-12-07 Patrick Mahomes Takes Off for 20-Yard Gain into the Red Zone
2020-12-07 Travis Kelce Tosses Defender Out of his Way on 28-Yard Catch and Run
2020-12-07 Travis Kelce Hits A.J. Bouye with Post-Up Move on 14-Yard Gain
2020-12-07 TOUCHDOWN: Patrick Mahomes Connets with Travis Kelce for a 20-Yard Pass to Score
2020-12-07 Patrick Mahomes Completes Impressive Pass to Travis Kelce to Secure First Down
2020-12-07 Sammy Watkins Holds onto Ridiculous Cross-Body Toss from Patrick Mahomes
2020-12-07 GAME OVER: Tyrann Mathieu Reads Drew Lock's Throw for Game-Sealing Interception
2020-12-07 Week 13 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-12-07 WATCH: Every Catch by Travis Kelce from his 136-Yard Record Game
2020-12-07 Tyrann Mathieu: "Felt like there was a lot of things we could clean up" | Week 13 Press Conference
2020-12-07 Travis Kelce: "Trying to take it game by game, you can't look too far ahead" | Week 13 Press Conference
2020-12-07 Patrick Mahomes: "We're battle-tested" | Week 13 Press Conference
2020-12-07 Andy Reid: "It was just a matter of time before we got ourselves in the end zone" | Week 13 Press Conference
2020-12-07 Harrison Butker: "Going to continue to kick strong going into the end of the season" | Week 13 Press Conference
2020-12-07 Travis Kelce One-on-One: "This is the ultimate team game" | Week 13 vs. Broncos
2020-12-07 Tyrann Mathieu One-on-One: "It's all about doing your job" | Week 13 vs. Broncos
2020-12-07 Andy Reid: " We’re going to try to support each other until the game is over" | Press Conference 12/7
2020-12-07 Tyrann Mathieu Grabs Two Interceptions vs. Broncos | Bridgestone Clutch Performance Week 13
2020-12-08 Patrick Mahomes Made Some Ridiculous Throws vs. Broncos | Inside Scoop Week 13
2020-12-08 Sights and Sounds from Week 13 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-12-08 Be The Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 13 | Chiefs vs. Broncos
2020-12-09 Bashaud Breeland: "They put him in good positions to make plays" | Press Conference 12/9
2020-12-09 Mecole Hardman: "I think my route running has gotten better" | Press Conference 12/9
2020-12-09 Patrick Mahomes: "It's a tremendous honor" | Press Conference 12/9
2020-12-09 Andy Reid: "Tua's got a great future" | Press Conference 12/9
2020-12-10 Sammy Watkins Mic'd Up: "Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown" | Week 13 vs. Broncos
2020-12-10 Travis Kelce Talks About Starting His 87 & Running Foundation | Walter Payton Man of the Year
2020-12-10 Steve Spagnuolo: "All of us appreciate what he does" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Eric Bieniemy: "We have to get that mojo back" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Greg Lewis: "He's always trying to find ways to improve" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Mike Kafka: "He sets the tempo for the offense" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Sam Madison: "You make sure you know where he is at all times" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Brendan Daly: "I've been pleased with the way he's competed" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Anthony Hitchens: "Frank has been an amazing leader" | Press Conference 12/10
2020-12-10 Travis Kelce's Strong Game Against the Broncos | Pivotal Performance Week 13
2020-12-11 Six Stats to Know for Week 14 | Chiefs vs. Dolphins
2020-12-11 The Miami Dolphins | Kingdom Conversation Week 14
2020-12-11 Tyreek Hill: "We try to pride ourselves on just winning the game" | Press Conference 12/11
2020-12-11 Andy Reid: "There's a time and place where you just have to bear down" | Press Conference 12/11
2020-12-11 Travis Kelce: "Whenever we play a game, The Kingdom is always there" | Press Conference 12/11
2020-12-12 Game Preview for Week 14 | Chiefs vs. Dolphins
2020-12-13 Prepare for the Miami Dolphins | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 14
2020-12-13 Patrick Mahomes' Extension for Marker Nets Chiefs First Down
2020-12-13 Patrick Mahomes Completes Dart to Travis Kelce for 17 Yards
2020-12-13 Sammy Watkins Hurdles Defender to Punctuate 37-Yard Catch and Run
2020-12-13 TOUCHDOWN: Tyreek Hill Hits Turbo on Jet Sweep for Lightning Quick 32-Yard Score
2020-12-13 Rashad Fenton Breaks Up Tua Tagovailoa Pass, Tyrann Mathieu Snags it for Interception
2020-12-13 TOUCHDOWN: Travis Kelce Gets Open in the End Zone for a 6-Yard Passing Score
2020-12-13 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Stays in Bounds on Tightroping 27-Yard Rush
2020-12-13 TOUCHDOWN: Tyreek Hill Hauls in 44-Yard Strike from Patrick Mahomes to Score
2020-12-13 TOUCHDOWN: Mecole Hardman Shows Insane Speed on 67-Yard Punt Return for Score
2020-12-13 Chris Jones Brings Pressure to Pocket, Sacking Tua Tagovailoa for Safety
2020-12-13 Travis Kelce Mosses Eric Rowe for Epic 32-Yard Grab
2020-12-13 Tyreek Hill Secures Major First Down on 22-Yard Catch and Run
2020-12-13 Harrison Butker Completes 46-Yard Kick Straight Down the Middle to Secure Lead
2020-12-13 Week 14 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Dolphins
2020-12-13 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Best Passes from his 2-Touchdown Game
2020-12-13 WATCH: Every Catch by Travis Kelce from 136-Yard Game
2020-12-13 Clark Hunt One-on-One: "Our fans are a big part of the success we've had" | Week 14 vs. Dolphins
2020-12-13 Mecole Hardman One-on-One: "I got the edge, I knew it was over with" | Week 14 vs. Dolphins
2020-12-13 Travis Kelce: "Coach Bieniemy does a great job of reeling us all in" | Week 14 Press Conference
2020-12-13 Clark Hunt: "It's a great accomplishment, 5th time in a row" | Week 14 Press Conference
2020-12-13 Patrick Mahomes: "Every time we leave this stadium we have a hat" | Press Conference Week 14
2020-12-13 Tyrann Mathieu: "It's all about the end result" | Week 14 Press Conference
2020-12-13 Andy Reid: "We got to finish on both sides of the ball" | Week 14 Press Conference
2020-12-14 Andy Reid: "I thought, defensively, it was one of our better games" | Press Conference 12/14
2020-12-14 The Special Teams Unit Stepped Up in Miami | Bridgestone Clutch Performance Week 14
2020-12-15 Sights and Sounds from Week 14 | Chiefs vs. Dolphins
2020-12-16 Chiefs Convert Critical Fourth Down vs. Dolphins | Inside Scoop from Week 14
2020-12-16 Be The Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 14 | Chiefs vs. Dolphins
2020-12-16 Tershawn Wharton: "Striving for greatness each week" | Press Conference 12/16
2020-12-16 Mike Danna: "Preparation is a big part of what happens on gameday" | Press Conference 12/16
2020-12-16 Patrick Mahomes: "You want to play against those great quarterbacks" | Press Conference 12/16
2020-12-16 Andy Reid: "I've got good coaches that love the challenge" | Press Conference 12/16
2020-12-17 Six Stats to Know for Week 15 | Chiefs vs. Saints
2020-12-17 Steve Spagnuolo: "You're talking about a future hall of famer" | Press Conference 12/17
2020-12-17 Tyrann Mathieu: "They got talent all over the place" | Press Conference 12/17
2020-12-17 Dave Toub: "He trusts us to do our job" | Press Conference 12/17
2020-12-17 Eric Bieniemy: "Regardless of who's out there, we are going to have trust in them" | Press Conference 12/17
2020-12-17 Chiefs Win Fifth-Straight AFC West Title | Pivotal Performance Week 14
2020-12-18 Tershawn Wharton One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 14
2020-12-18 Willie Gay: "The linebacker room is full of great people" | Press Conference 12/18
2020-12-18 Clyde Edwards-Helaire: ""I'm going there to handle business" | Press Conference 12/18
2020-12-18 Andy Reid: "Drew is a future hall of famer" | Press Conference 12/18
2020-12-19 The New Orleans Saints | Kingdom Conversation Week 15
2020-12-19 Game Preview for Week 15 | Chiefs vs. Saints
2020-12-20 Prepare for the New Orleans Saints | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 15
2020-12-20 L'Jarius Sneed Holds onto Juggling Ball for Toe-Tapping Interception of Drew Brees
2020-12-20 TOUCHDOWN: Patrick Mahomes Zips Dart to Tyreek Hill at the Goal Line for Score
2020-12-20 Patrick Mahomes Masterfully Manipulates Pass Rush for a Third-Down Strike to Sammy Watkins
2020-12-20 TOUCHDOWN: Travis Kelce Hauls in Nifty Shot-Put Pass from Patrick Mahomes to Score
2020-12-20 TOUCHDOWN: Mecole Hardman finds the Corner with a Toe-Tapping Catch for Score
2020-12-21 TOUCHDOWN: Le'Veon Bell Takes Patrick Mahomes' Late Option Pitch to the Pylon for Score
2020-12-21 Travis Kelce turns Shovel Pass into Powerful Two-Point Pickup
2020-12-21 Tyreek Hill Shows Cat-Like Reflexes on Amazing Diving Grab
2020-12-21 Patrick Mahomes Flexes for the Cameras after a Clutch 24-Yard Rush
2020-12-21 Week 15 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Saints
2020-12-21 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Most Impressive Plays in Week 15
2020-12-21 Le'Veon Bell One-on-One: "Probably one of the easiest touchdowns of my career" | Week 15 vs. Saints
2020-12-21 Andy Reid: "Try to keep getting better as we go" | Week 15 Press Conference
2020-12-21 Le'Veon Bell: "We had to come in with the right mindset" | Week 15 Press Conference
2020-12-21 Patrick Mahomes: "They got better as the game went on" | Press Conference Week 15
2020-12-21 Andrew Wylie: "We took the fight to them for sure" | Week 15 Press Conference
2020-12-21 Andy Reid: "I'm proud of our guys for being able to bear down" | Press Conference 12/21
2020-12-21 Le'Veon Bell's Solid Game vs. Saints | Bridgestone Clutch Performance Week 15
2020-12-22 Another Clutch Third-Down Conversion vs. Saints | Inside Scoop from Week 15
2020-12-22 Sights and Sounds from Week 15 | Chiefs vs. Saints
2020-12-23 Patrick Mahomes: "We still have to win a football game" | Press Conference 12/23
2020-12-23 Eric Fisher: "Just trying to stay the course and do my job" | Press Conference 12/23
2020-12-23 Andy Reid: "You never bank on others, just get it ready" | Press Conference 12/23
2020-12-23 Tyrann Mathieu: "It's all about one game at a time" | Press Conference 12/23
2020-12-23 Six Stats to Know for Week 16 | Chiefs vs. Falcons
2020-12-24 Le'Veon Bell Stepped Up in New Orleans vs. Saints | Pivotal Performance Week 15
2020-12-24 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Mic'd Up: "We back in that boot" | Week 15 vs. Saints
2020-12-24 Steve Spagnuolo: "I think we have played some really good downs" | Press Conference 12/24
2020-12-24 Eric Bieniemy: "If you don't work you don't eat" | Press Conference 12/24
2020-12-24 Chris Jones: "We try to have a tight, strong core within the D-line" | Press Conference 12/24
2020-12-24 Mecole Hardman: "I kind of predicted that I was going to score on that play" | Press Conference 12/24
2020-12-24 Harrison Butker: "He's had some really big punts for us" | Press Conference 12/24
2020-12-24 Dan Sorensen One-on-One | Under the Helmet Week 15
2020-12-24 Patrick Mahomes' Magical Moment in AFC Championship | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History
2020-12-25 The Atlanta Falcons | Kingdom Conversations Week 16
2020-12-25 Andy Reid: "Look forward to playing at home with our fans" | Press Conference 12/25
2020-12-26 Game Preview for Week 16 | Chiefs vs. Falcons
2020-12-27 Prepare for the Atlanta Falcons | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider Week 16
2020-12-27 Alex Okafor Delivers Massive Third-Down Sack to Matt Ryan
2020-12-27 Tyreek Hill is Too Fast for A.J. Terrell on 31-Yard Catch and Run
2020-12-27 Tommy Townsend Pins it Deep in Falcons' Territory 
2020-12-27 L'Jarius Sneed Weaves Past Blockers for Huge Third-Down Sack
2020-12-27 Travis Kelce's 100th Reception of 2020 Nets Vital First Down
2020-12-27 TOUCHDOWN: Travis Kelce Boxes out A.J. Terrell for Key Score before Halftime
2020-12-27 Mecole Hardman Ratchets up Speed on 20-Yard Jet Sweep
2020-12-27 Chiefs' Entire Offensive Line Pushes Le'Veon Bell in Pileup for a First Down
2020-12-27 Patrick Mahomes Scrambles for an Eternity to find Travis Kelce for 26 Yards
2020-12-27 Rookie Duo L'Jarius Sneed and Willie Gay Jr. Force Key Fumble
2020-12-27 TOUCHDOWN: Demarcus Robinson Holds Onto 25-Yard Strike from Patrick Mahomes to Score
2020-12-27 Travis Kelce Sets Single-Season Record for Receiving Yards by Tight End
2020-12-27 Week 16 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Falcons
2020-12-27 WATCH: Every Travis Kelce Catch from Record-Breaking Day
2020-12-27 Demarcus Robinson: "I was just out there having fun" | Week 16 Press Conference 
2020-12-27 Andy Reid: "We just weren't as sharp as we need to be" | Week 16 Press Conference
2020-12-27 Willie Gay Jr.: "It wasn't perfect for me, but we came out with the win" | Week 16 Press Conference
2020-12-27 Patrick Mahomes: "I got to focus on fixing the things that I made mistakes on" | Week 16 Press Conference
2020-12-27 Travis Kelce: "Going to try and make it 15-1 next week" | Week 16 Press Conference
2020-12-28 Andy Reid: "To get 14 wins is nothing to shake your head at" | Press Conference 12/28
2020-12-28 Travis Kelce's Record-Breaking Game vs. Falcons | Bridgestone Clutch Performance Week 16
2020-12-29 Chiefs Come Up Clutch vs. Falcons | Inside Scoop Week 16
2020-12-30 Sights and Sounds from Week 16 | Chiefs vs. Falcons
2020-12-30 Be The Player & 360 Degree Highlights from Week 16 | Chiefs vs. Falcons
2020-12-30 Mike Danna: "Whenever my number's called, I'm going to be ready to go" | Press Conference 12/30
2020-12-30 Andy Reid: "I'm excited to get these other guys in" | Press Conference 12/30
2020-12-30 L'Jarius Sneed: "I'm still going and trusting the process" | Press Conference 12/30
2020-12-30 Chad Henne: "I'm excited about the group we are going to have out there" | Press Conference 12/30
2020-12-30 Daniel Sorensen Mic'd Up: "Way to fight until the end" | Week 16 vs. Falcons
2020-12-31 Rookies Step Up Big vs. Falcons | Pivotal Performance Week 16
2020-12-31 Eric Bieniemy: "These guys get an opportunity to show what they can do" | Press Conference 12/31
2020-12-31 Steve Spagnuolo: "He was impressive in week two, he's still impressive now" | Press Conference 12/31
2020-12-31 Tom Melvin: "He's done a great job taking care of his body" | Press Conference 12/31
2020-12-31 Tanoh Kpassagnon: " We believe every play on special teams we can make a play" | Press Conference 12/31
2020-12-31 Deland McCullough: "We have guys that can compliment each other very well" | Press Conferences 12/31
2020-12-31 Andy Heck: "He is the ultimate competitor" | Press Conference 12/31
2020-12-31 Greg Lewis: "Everybody has been taught and prepared to play" | Press Conference 12/31
2020-12-31 Six Stats to Know for Week 17 | Chiefs vs. Chargers