Videos - January 2020

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2020-01-02 "The Franchise" presented by GEHA | Ep. 15: The Playoff Push
2020-01-02 Chiefs Ambassadors Ring in the New Year with Local Seniors
2020-01-02 Six Stats to Know About the Chiefs' 2019 Regular Season
2020-01-02 Pivotal Performance: Mecole Hardman Breaks One Loose
2020-01-02 Under the Helmet: Steve Spagnuolo
2020-01-03 Kingdom Conversation: Playoff Bye Week
2020-01-03 Tanoh Kpassagnon Mic'd Up vs. Chargers: "And we got that bye week"
2020-01-05 Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider: Playoff Bye Week
2020-01-06 Coach Reid: "They're different, we're different"
2020-01-07 Sights & Sounds from the Chiefs 2019 Season
2020-01-07 Chiefs vs. Texans: Six Stats to Know
2020-01-08 Inside the Locker Room 1/8: Sammy Watkins & Khalen Saunders 
2020-01-08 Coach Reid: "As much continuity as you can keep, you appreciate"
2020-01-08 Patrick Mahomes: "You have to execute every single day"
2020-01-09 Kingdom Conversation: Divisional Playoff vs. Texans
2020-01-09 Chiefs vs. Texans: Game Preview with Fox Sports' Nick Wright
2020-01-09 Coach Toub: "We swung the momentum back in our direction"
2020-01-09 Coach Spagnuolo: "It's really good to be working in January"
2020-01-09 Tyrann Mathieu: "I feel like we're prepared"
2020-01-09 Coach Bieniemy: "Everything goes up a notch"
2020-01-09 Ambassadors Present Camp Quality with a Check for More Than $80,000
2020-01-09 Pivotal Performance: Defensive Resurgence
2020-01-10 Under the Helmet: Tyrann Mathieu
2020-01-10 Coach Reid: "We love playing in front of our crowd because they are loud"
2020-01-10 Kansas City Turns Red in Preparation for the Playoffs
2020-01-12 Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider: Divisional Playoff vs. Texans
2020-01-12 Patrick Mahomes Goes DEEP in Pregame Warmups
2020-01-12 Frank Clark Envelops Deshaun Watson for Big Third-down Sack
2020-01-12 Mecole Hardman Takes OFF in Blazing 58-yard Kick Return
2020-01-12 Damien Williams with an Impressive Snag off his Hip for Touchdown
2020-01-12 Daniel Sorenson Sniffs Out Texans' Fake Punt for HUGE Fourth-down Stop
2020-01-12 Patrick Mahomes is FIRED UP After Scrambling Sidearm Touchdown Dart  to Travis Kelce
2020-01-12 Daniel Sorenson Punches the Ball Out for Second Turnover in 30 Seconds
2020-01-12 Travis Kelce Muscles it in for SECOND Touchdown of the Game
2020-01-12 Tyrann Mathieu Shows Off Airtight Coverage Ends in Third-down Breakup
2020-01-12 Patrick Mahomes Shows off Speed on 21-yard Scramble Down the Sideline
2020-01-12 Patrick Mahomes Throws Three Touchdowns in Under Four Minutes
2020-01-12 Mahomes Magic! Patrick Mahomes Flicks Fourth Touchdown Toss Across Body to Travis Kelce
2020-01-12 Patrick Mahomes Ties Playoff Record with FOUR TOUCHDOWNS in the Second Quarter
2020-01-12 Sammy Watkins Uses Juke AND Stiff-Arm for 48-yard Catch and Run
2020-01-12 Chiefs Kingdom ERUPTS After Damien Williams Hammers in His Second Touchdown on the Night
2020-01-12 Hat-Trick Touchdown! Damien Williams Pushes Through Defenders for Third Score
2020-01-12 Blake Bell Leaps into the Stands after Hauling in Patrick Mahomes' FIFTH Touchdown
2020-01-12 Eric Fisher Celebrates with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's Signature Move
2020-01-12 Frank Clark Closes Door on Texans' Comeback Hopes with Fourth-down Sack
2020-01-12 Chiefs vs. Texans: Divisional Playoff Highlights
2020-01-12 Travis Kelce Reacts to Chiefs' Wild Comeback Win Over the Texans
2020-01-12 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Most Impressive Passes from the Divisional Round Playoff Win
2020-01-12 WATCH: Every Travis Kelce Catch from Record-Breaking Divisional Round Game
2020-01-13 WATCH: All 7-Straight Touchdowns in the Chiefs' Comeback Victory
2020-01-13 Coach Reid: "Our fans were tremendous"
2020-01-13 Patrick Mahomes: "Let's go do something special"
2020-01-13 Mike Pennel: "It was an experience I'll never forget"
2020-01-13 Damien Williams: "This isn't just a football team, we're a family"
2020-01-13 Daniel Sorensen: "You saw a great team victory out there"
2020-01-13 Travis Kelce: "Just finding a way to put six points up on the board"
2020-01-13 Tyrann Mathieu: "The most important thing is how we responded"
2020-01-13 Frank Clark: "Trust in the process"
2020-01-13 Coach Reid One-on-One: "Nobody hung their head"
2020-01-13 Peter Schrager says 'Chiefs' Offense is the Most Electric the League has Ever Seen'
2020-01-13 True View: Travis Kelce Touchdown Mashup
2020-01-13 True View: Damien Williams Touchdown Mashup
2020-01-13 Frank Clark gets "The Call" from Deion Sanders
2020-01-13 Andy Reid: "Nobody flinched, everybody hung in there"
2020-01-14 Brian Baldinger Breaks Down Mahomes and Kelce in Divisional Game
2020-01-14 Sights & Sounds from Divisional Playoff | Chiefs vs. Texans
2020-01-15 Inside Scoop: Looking Back at the Greatest Comeback in Chiefs' History
2020-01-15 Ambassadors Celebrate AFC Championship Week with Students at the St. Mark Center
2020-01-15 Tyrann Mathieu: "To be in this position, it's a blessing"
2020-01-15 Tyreek Hill: "Just make those plays when my number is called"
2020-01-15 Anthony Hitchens: "Our team grew so much since then"
2020-01-15 Mitchell Schwartz: "We didn't prove anything to ourselves last week"
2020-01-15 Andy Reid: "They busted their tail to put themselves in this position"
2020-01-15 Patrick Mahomes: "I'm not the only leader on this team"
2020-01-15 Chiefs vs. Titans: Six Stats to Know
2020-01-16 Tyreek Hill Mic'd Up vs. Texans: "It's that playoff atmosphere right here"
2020-01-16 Sammy Watkins: "They play fast and hit hard"
2020-01-16 Dave Toub: "It's going to come down to small plays"
2020-01-16 Steve Spagnuolo: "You have to believe in yourself"
2020-01-16 Damien Williams: "You have to have a grit about yourself"
2020-01-16 Eric Bieniemy: "Just play one play at a time"
2020-01-16 Dustin Colquitt: "It's amazing seeing the fans and the barbecue"
2020-01-16 Mitch Holthus joins 'NFL Now' to discuss Chiefs' run to AFC Championship
2020-01-16 Andy Reid: "You try to keep it fresh every year"
2020-01-17 Pivotal Performance: Historic Comeback in Divisional Playoffs
2020-01-17 Under the Helmet: Eric Fisher
2020-01-17 Bashaud Breeland: "These are the types of games you live for"
2020-01-17 Chris Jones: "When it's so much at stake, you want to be out there for your team"
2020-01-17 Harrison Butker: "Special teams are crucial"
2020-01-17 Frank Clark: "Execution becomes key"
2020-01-17 Travis Kelce: "We're going to have to start fast, it's as simple as that"
2020-01-17 Reggie Ragland: "Ain't no excuses, it's time to get the job done"
2020-01-17 Mecole Hardman: "Playing football in January, everybody wants that"
2020-01-17 Andy Reid: "They're a heck of a football team"
2020-01-19 Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider: AFC Championship vs. Titans
2020-01-19 Chiefs vs. Titans: AFC Title Game Preview with Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor
2020-01-19 Kingdom Conversation: AFC Championship vs. Titans
2020-01-19 Patrick Mahomes Buys Time for Scrambling Sideline Throw to Diving Tyreek Hill
2020-01-19 Terrell Suggs Swats Down Ryan Tannehill's Third-down Throw
2020-01-19 Patrick Mahomes Rips Fourth-down Dart to Travis Kelce to Move the Chains
2020-01-19 Tyreek Hill Scores on Speedy Fly-Sweep Touchdown
2020-01-19 Tyrann Mathieu Brings the BOOM on Corey Davis for a Loss
2020-01-19 Tyreek Hill Catches Laser Throw from Patrick Mahomes for Second Touchdown of the Day
2020-01-19 CAN'T-MISS PLAY: Patrick Mahomes' Touchdown Run Sends Arrowhead Stadium into Frenzy
2020-01-19 Sammy Watkins Makes an Impressive Toe-Drag Grab on Third-Down
2020-01-19 FIELD VIEW: Patrick Mahomes Scrambles for Magical Touchdown to Give Chiefs the Lead
2020-01-19 Daniel Sorenson STONEWALLS Ryan Tannehill on Third-down Run
2020-01-19 Darwin Thompson Hurdles Defender on his First Playoff Carry
2020-01-19 Damien Williams Speeds to the Edge for Untouched Touchdown
2020-01-19 Tanoh Kpassagnon Ambush Ryan Tannehill for Huge Third-down Sack
2020-01-19 Patrick Mahomes HYPED after 60-YARD Touchdown to Sammy Watkins
2020-01-19 Frank Clark ICES Chiefs Win with Clutch Fourth-down Sack
2020-01-19 WATCH: Every Catch from Sammy Watkins' 114-yard AFC Championship Performance
2020-01-19 WATCH: Patrick Mahomes' Most Incredible Plays from the AFC Championship 
2020-01-19 Chiefs Best Plays from the AFC Championship WIN over the Titans
2020-01-19 Chiefs Win AFC Championship: Game Highlights
2020-01-19 Damien Williams Fights Back Tears after Winning AFC Championship
2020-01-20 The Hunt Family Celebrates the AFC Championship Game Win with Lamar Hunt Trophy
2020-01-20 Tyrann Mathieu: "At the end of the day, we knew our coaches believed in us"
2020-01-20 Dustin Colquitt: "Our players came to play"
2020-01-20 Chris Jones: "That's what sack nation does"
2020-01-20 Tyrann Mathieu One-on-One: "It's a special feeling when people believe in you"
2020-01-20 Coach Reid: "Fired up to go to Miami"
2020-01-20 Clark Hunt: "This is a very special day for our family and the entire organization"
2020-01-20 Coach Reid One-on-One: "We're not done yet"
2020-01-20 Patrick Mahomes: "Now we have the chance to go to Miami and get the ultimate goal"
2020-01-20 Travis Kelce: "Arrowhead was shaking today, I loved every bit of it"
2020-01-20 Sammy Watkins: "Now it's time to move forward and prepare for the Super Bowl"
2020-01-20 Tyrann Mathieu: "We collected a lot of rent money today"
2020-01-20 Tyrann Mathieu: "I'm so grateful to be part of this group"
2020-01-20 Patrick Mahomes One-on-One: "Guys stayed strong and stayed with the process"
2020-01-20 Tyrann Mathieu gets "The Call" from Deion Sanders after the Chiefs Win the AFC Championship
2020-01-20 Andy Reid: "Had a cheeseburger and went to bed"
2020-01-21 True View: Relive Some of the Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights from Every Angle
2020-01-21 GMFB: Crowns Patrick Mahomes the Championship Sunday Angry Runs Winner
2020-01-22 A Closer Look at Tyrann Mathieu's Playmaking and Leadership | Inside Scoop
2020-01-22 Next Gen Stats: Patrick Mahomes' Top 5 Air Yardage Throws of 2019
2020-01-22 Anthony Hitchens: "Stopping the run is stopping the run"
2020-01-22 Patrick Mahomes: "They have a ton of play makers on the defense"
2020-01-22 Mitchell Schwartz: "He's the best the first 15 guy in the business"
2020-01-22 Andy Reid: "You get yourself right and get the game plan ready"
2020-01-22 Sights & Sounds from AFC Championship | Chiefs vs. Titans
2020-01-23 "The Franchise" presented by GEHA | Ep. 16: Championship Swagger
2020-01-23 Tyrann Mathieu: "Treat this like any other ball game"
2020-01-23 Dave Toub: "The guys are really, really focused"
2020-01-23 Eric Bienimey: "The goal is not accomplished until that final whistle is blown"
2020-01-23 Chris Jones: "I'll just make sure that I battle through it and give it my all"
2020-01-23 Steve Spagnuolo: "You don't get to this point without having a lot of weapons"
2020-01-23 Kendall Fuller: "They made it easy for us to focus"
2020-01-23 Dustin Colquitt: "This is not a small market, this a championship market"
2020-01-24 Under the Helmet: Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones & More
2020-01-24 Kingdom Conversation: Recap AFC Championship and Prepare for Super Bowl LIV
2020-01-24 Sammy Watkins: "Can't wait to get down there and feel the atmosphere"
2020-01-24 Travis Kelce: "I want to play here my entire career"
2020-01-24 Tyreek Hill: "I'm fired up, I'm ready to go"
2020-01-24 Frank Clark: "They've turned that team around"
2020-01-24 Andy Reid: "Let your personality show, there's nothing wrong with that"
2020-01-26 Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider: Super Bowl LIV vs. 49ers
2020-01-27 The Chiefs Arrive in Miami for Super Bowl LIV
2020-01-27 Frank Clark's 2019 Season Highlights
2020-01-27 Peter Schrager Breaks Down QB Patrick Mahomes' Top Ten Plays of His Career
2020-01-27 Damien Williams' 2019 Season Highlights
2020-01-28 Patrick Mahomes Discusses this Opportunity with Michael Irvin: "We want to play our best football"
2020-01-28 The Chiefs take the Stage at Super Bowl LIV Opening Night 
2020-01-28 Patrick Mahomes: "When you're that close you wanna make sure to get back to it next year"
2020-01-28 Clark Hunt: "When we get to Sunday, they're ready to go"
2020-01-28 Tyrann Mathieu: "I'm so grateful for the journey I've traveled"
2020-01-28 Travis Kelce Discusses 49ers Tight End George Kittle: "There's nothing that you dislike about that guy's game"
2020-01-28 Xavier Williams: "I used to dream about things like this happening"
2020-01-28 Tyrann Mathieu Reflects on his Path to Super Bowl LIV: "To be on this stage, I'm going to embrace it"
2020-01-28 Andy Reid Explains What it Would Mean to Win his First Super Bowl
2020-01-28 Andy Reid: "I've got a great team, I'm very fortunate"
2020-01-28 Chris Jones: "The chemistry is so crazy on this team"
2020-01-28 Terrell Suggs: "I can't believe it, I'm one of the old guys in the locker room now"
2020-01-28 Frank Clark: "I only had one idol"
2020-01-28 Tyreek Hill: "My mom was fast, my dad was fast ... I guess they just passed it down to me"
2020-01-28 Travis Kelce Talks about Kobe Bryant's 'Mamba Mentality'
2020-01-28 Chiefs Playoff Captains Introduced at Opening Night for Super Bowl LIV
2020-01-28 George Kittle and Travis Kelce Hype Up Each Other's Games at Opening Night during Super Bowl LIV
2020-01-28 Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo Preview Super Bowl LIV Matchup at Opening Night
2020-01-28 Bashaud Breeland's 2019 Season Highlights
2020-01-28 Damien Williams: "Big time players show up in big time games"
2020-01-28 Eric Fisher: "Pat's the leader of the offense"
2020-01-28 Frank Clark: "We at the Super Bowl, this year 2020"
2020-01-28 Tyreek Hill: "I wouldn't want any other quarterback in the league"
2020-01-28 Tyrann Mathieu: "I'm more old school, I like the rituals"
2020-01-28 Coach Reid: "We're glad to be here"
2020-01-28 Travis Kelce: "It's definitely a part of us, how we're working"
2020-01-28 Patrick Mahomes: "The best thing about this team is that we know how to win in different ways"
2020-01-28 Sammy Watkins' 2019 Season Highlights
2020-01-28 Mecole Hardman Mic'd Up during Opening Night at Super Bowl LIV
2020-01-29 Tyreek Hill's 2019 Season Highlights
2020-01-29 Anthony Hitchens' 2019 Season Highlights
2020-01-29 Travis Kelce: "Everyone rallies to the football"
2020-01-29 Kendall Fuller: "We just gotta get all 11 guys to the backfield"
2020-01-29 Daniel Sorensen: "This year's been a process"
2020-01-29 Charvarius Ward: "I'm just a humble young man"
2020-01-29 Eric Bieniemy: "We have the opportunity to win a Super Bowl"
2020-01-29 Tyreek Hill: "I just gotta keep my head into the game"
2020-01-29 Chris Jones: "I never have any pressure no matter what"
2020-01-29 Frank Clark: "I want to be a champion"
2020-01-29 Tyrann Mathieu: "My focus is continuing to get better"
2020-01-29 Mecole Hardman: "You gotta be ready with Patrick"
2020-01-29 Terrell Suggs: "I'm enjoying every minute of it"
2020-01-29 Tanoh Kpassagnon: "I didn't really know what to expect"
2020-01-29 Patrick Mahomes: "We've kept it rolling"
2020-01-29 Coach Reid: "We look forward to that challenge of playing the 49ers"
2020-01-30 Frank Clark: "Coach Reid has a pure heart"
2020-01-30 Anthony Sherman: "If you want to be in the Super Bowl you might want to have a fullback on your roster"
2020-01-30 Travis Kelce: "Everybody's ready to play some football"
2020-01-30 Steve Spagnuolo: "We've got to pick our spots"
2020-01-30 Anthony Hitchens: "He's bringing other guys with him"
2020-01-30 Tyreek Hill: "One of the best coaches ever"
2020-01-30 Terrell Suggs: "The guys are happy to be at work"
2020-01-30 Matt Moore: "The defensive staff does a great job"
2020-01-30 Patrick Mahomes: "You have to visualize it if you want to go out there and do it"
2020-01-30 Tyrann Mathieu: "It's how we practice each and every day"
2020-01-30 Andy Reid: "I know the city of Kansas City is on fire with excitement"
2020-01-30 Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs. 49ers Game Preview with ESPN's Mina Kimes
2020-01-31 Ian Rapoport, Dante Hall & More Talk Chiefs & Super Bowl LIV w/ BJ Kissel from Radio Row
2020-01-31 Tyrann Mathieu's 2019 Season Highlights